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I need some input from the experts here at AudioGon. What will be better sonicly to help to control resonances,Ecos and in General acoustically a woden floor or carpet.If it's carpet, is there any particular one to use.I will used my system that I'm putting together, first as a 2 channel stereo and then I will incorporate the the center channel and surrounds.The floor right now is made out of tiles and I must say, there is a lot of Ecos in the house, particular in the living room, that's were I'm planinig to replace the floor.So you have an Idea.this is a Living Room-dining room.In other words, there is no wall between the dinning room and the living room.There is so much echo, that when somebody is talking from the kitchen and you are sitting in the living room all you hear is the person talking but you can not understand a thing, unless you talk really loud.Also the roof in the section of the living room is Slanted ,if that information helps. Any help willl be highly appreciated.
I hope there is someone that are willing to help. I'm trying to do this change over this weekend.
Depends a lot on what your ceiling is made of. Generally, you want dissimilar material (absorptive & reflective).

Carpeting over concrete, with a thick pad is very popular. You can ask many people at these web sites (Ethan Winer & others):







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Carpet will help with some of the echos. Sounds like you have a very "live" room. Wall treatments may also be in your future.

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You may want to try some through rugs or carpets fo echo control. This would be cheaper than ripping out tile unless you just want to get rid of the tile. Also do you have many plants in the house try putting taller leafier plants in the corners. Fabric furniture rather than leather would also help. Draperies with absorbing materials, the pleated shades work really good.
hello if going with carpet you should use a natural fiber type carpet padding instead of the foam rubber type the natural fiber has a more uniform frequency absorption rate.

Somebody actually measured the frequency absorption rates of carpet pads?
prpixel hello read it in stereophile or the absolute sound can't remember which it was like 1987 or so
Wool carpet, not synthetic!
Thanks a lot, Any body else?
I belive my ceiling is made of drywall, Looks just like the wall. but has those popcorn on it.
if you havent already,you should check out the archives while you are waiting for suggestions. There is a lot of information there about room treatments in general, but also some information about rooms similar to yours. This could be helpful, at least until some more expertise arrives in this thread. Just enter in the various bones of your question- for instance, live, ceiling ,floor, tame, echo-something like this,and see what comes up. Another resource, in any event.
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Timf let me ask you.I don't want to look dumb, where are the archives? I was loooking for it with no luck.
found it :)
Anybidy else want to ad anything else?, Thanks
Check out the rives.com website. It has a whole bunch of info on basics of room acoustics, & the listening room presented in a clear and fun style. It will give you some ideas, I'm sure...Cheers,
actually... I believe the website is


some good info...
I use a thick oriental rug and not only did it control resonances, it looks wonderful. You are forgetting room tuning devices. Echo Busters makes some wonderful products
that are a must starting with corner tunes. With properly placed wall panels you can have a musical room. Also for decorative purposes, tapistries work wonders in controling room problems.

What is tapistries? Can you send me a picture of you actual room please. so I can have a better idea?
Armandito, A Tapistry is a decorative heavy woven cloth that hangs on the wall. Just go to Ebay and select Tapistry. They come in different styles. I favor the King Arthur era with the knights of the round table etc. If you want the good stuff call Heirloom Tapisteries at 1-800 699-6836. I have bought two from them. They are beautiful but expensive. If your significant other doesn't favor acoustical pannels, tapisteries will work somewhat as well, but don't forget corner tunes.