What were your SACD impressions at NY show?

What were your impressions of the SACD formats (2-channel & Multi) presented by the various exhibitors at the NY Stereophile show this weekend? Any comments on comparisons to each other and also to any of the DVD-Audio rooms?
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I was more impressed from Gamut CD1 (certainly it was with higher class electronics) that played red-book CDs on the level that very few SACD players can.
I believe that it's not complete info still is taken from red-book CDs and it can be even more improved now; NYH show was a clear example for it.
What was different (almost novel, given the SACD software roll-out) was having hundreds of SACD's to actually chose from and being able to purchase. I view the SACD (audiophile) kiosks/sections in Best Buys; Tower; and J&R as poorly stocked insults to audiophiles. It was nice to purchase and walk home with 20 SACD's.

I liked best the SACD demo that SONY sponsored (SONY SACD player hooked up to tube amps and Eggleston speakers).
When more SACD's are made with the format in mind from concept to completion you will hear a significant difference between redbook CD's and SACD. If you have an old recording remastered the differences are there, but are much more subtle. The DCS rig with the Lamm monoblocks and the Grand Utopia's was superb in the second floor Sound by Singer room.
I though the Sony demo (XA777-Manley-Eggleston Andra) was poor. The multichannel didn't do much for me and I found the overall sound very disappointing.
On the other hand the Von Schweikert room with Spectron and the the 6 channel hard drive full DSD transfer was stunning,though too loud.If 6 channel were done that way all the time than I would seriously consider it.
Apologies if this question is off topic, but did anyone hear anything about Sony supposedly discontinuing their SCD-DVP-NS500V? Or was this some kind of rumor designed to stimulate sales?
Well Joe b, don't apologize but just go start your own thread, dude. Didn't yo mama teach you any manners about buttin' in? (hope you get your answer though) :-)
I was not convinced that SACD is superior to CD at the show and that was my primary motivation for going. However, I have to admit that the Joseph Audio demo made a convincing case for analog. After playing several great sounding cd and sacd tracks, they ended with a 1963 Duke Ellington recording on vinyl that was incredible. I am seriously considering adding an analog source to my system as a result.