What were the radio stations of your youth that helped you on your music/audio journey?

I am older so my radio stations of influence were in their prime during the British invasion and many, many American singers and groups.  
The stations I listen to the most were WLS out of Chicago, KIOA out of Des Moines, KAAY out of Little Rock, Arkansas and KOMA  out of Oklahama.  When I was in the Air Froce I had a few stations near the main base I was stationed at outside of Rapid City, S.D.  
Of course systems and better and better systems and FM became the dominate source for broadcast/online music.  I did learn much of what I liked and eventually purchased through early radio listening.
I still listen to radio mainly for Jazz stations and NPR news. 

KOMA Oklahoma City. It drifted in and out as I listened from a cow town in Wyoming. An old RCA Victor radio in my basement bedroom got me by. On Friday nights was a show called rappin. The usual dope head would call in to offer his opinion about legalizing pot, man. Then he would forget what he was saying.

  The music was all I had to listen to except for a local cowboy station KPOW where the singing cowboy offered songs early in the morning. 

  Good music was pretty scarce. Somehow in this little town there occasional concerts by musicians who felt the need to give more people a chance to hear something classier. 
When I was stationed at Ellsworth AFB near Rapid City, S.D., we would drive over to a small town in Wyoming to buy Coors, which was not sold in S.D.  
One night I had my girlfriend drive to pick up some beer, and then I remembered she had wrecked her last boyfriend's car...so I sobered up quickly.  Was driving a mint 1960 Corvette.   
We all have memories of our youth, from war to auto racing to marriage, it is amazing we've made it this far!
WLS.... wow haven't thought about that in eons!  I grew up in the mountains of North West Arkansas in a small town and would cruise every Friday & Saturday night in high school.  On clear nights we could get WLS out of Chicago and part on the town square and all tune our cars to WLS.  Oh the memories.   
San Francisco 
Seemed not much available good music at the time, didn’t care for the “old stuff” much beyond the 50s.  Now I got decades living through music with it’s affect on the culture and me.  Also increased musical knowledge and maturing tastes makes me a fan of most musical genres…including the “old stuff”.  Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t have called it “old stuff”.