What were the radio stations of your youth that helped you on your music/audio journey?

I am older so my radio stations of influence were in their prime during the British invasion and many, many American singers and groups.  
The stations I listen to the most were WLS out of Chicago, KIOA out of Des Moines, KAAY out of Little Rock, Arkansas and KOMA  out of Oklahama.  When I was in the Air Froce I had a few stations near the main base I was stationed at outside of Rapid City, S.D.  
Of course systems and better and better systems and FM became the dominate source for broadcast/online music.  I did learn much of what I liked and eventually purchased through early radio listening.
I still listen to radio mainly for Jazz stations and NPR news. 

Away at school in the 4th grade in the mountains of Virginia from 1957-1961, we had limited radio reception.  I had a cream-colored Zenith radio that was about 8" high and 12" wide and about 3-4 inches wide. I looked at a bunch of pics of old Zenith radios and did not see one that looked like it.  

Anyway, since my grades were good, I was able to do study hall in the dorms, and used to listen at very low volume to WOWO, Ft. Wayne, Indiana, which was the only station back then that came in clearly for any length of time.

Later, back home near Williamsburg, we had WGH radio, which was for teens at night with a great disc jockey named Roger Clark.  This was in the early 1960's--the birth of great music. Then I went to college and we had WCHL.

I know it is a terrible thing today, but back then WCHL used to sign-off with an a capella version of Dixie performed by the glee club that was the best version of the song I have ever heard.  It was truly mesmerizing.

I contacted them a few years ago--WCHL is still there--but of course they had no idea what I was talking about and of course all copies of that version were long gone.  Sad, but times change, I guess...
In NYC, it was WNCN, an all-classical station that competed with WQXR.
In those days, you could listen to the Met Opera on Saturday afternoon via WQXR, hear a full opera recording that evening on WNCN, and hear a recorded opera on Sunday evening on WQXR. Both stations had a policy of playing only complete works. After WNCN died, WQXR started avoiding vocal music except for the Met broadcasts and began to play individual movements from symphonies. End of a Golden Age of NYC radio.
WRPI; Troy NY 1970s
WNEW; NYC 1980s - 1990s
WFUV;  Bronx NY  1980s - 2020
WBGO; Newark NJ 1980s - 2020

Scott Muni, Dave Herman and Dennis Elsas were some of my favorite DJs

Pete Fornatale's "Mixed Bag" and Vin Scelsa's "Idiot's Delight" Saturday evening shows on WFUV were always popular in my circles of friends.

Mid-late 60’s…WPOP & WDRC both AM stations in Hartford CT. As a youngster at the time, the many DJ personalities also added color & drama to the listening experience. One example here. http://www.wdrcobg.com/griffin.html
What seemed absolutely scandalous to the teenaged me is just so ho-hum.

Then to FM!!!!!!!! WPLR in New Haven. Coincidentally, have a 50 year old city bus cardboard advertising placard (fluorescent orange w/black script) that hangs on my garage wall:
“WPLR 99 rock - up your FM dial…”

Sweet memories!