What well known MC cartridges can use a MM pre??

What well known MC cartridges (like the Dynavector DV-10X5) can use a MM phono pre-amp? I have been under the illusion that I need to find a MC phono pre-amp to try a MC cartridge. An earlier thread illuminated that I am wrong. I have an audible Illusion M3A with the standard MM phono section and a self modified Rega P25 but I may have a VPI Aries 12.5 soon. Don't forget, I would like a WELL KNOWN cartridge that can be found new or hardly used under $500
Benz makes most of its cartridges in high output models, the Glider H is quite common used, a new Benz Ace H would also work within your budget. The Sumiko Blackbird sounded quite nice when I heard it at a friends house, you would need to find a used one. For less scratch, the Denon DL-110 and DL-160 are quite nice and pretty common, as well. The Dynavecor cartridges work very well with the Rega arms and are recommended by Harry for the VPI arms as well, the 20H is the high output model that is a step up from the 10X5 and would be within your price range new.
I believe the one that gets like the top spot a lot of the times for price and being a hi out 2.5 mV MC is the Sumiko Blackbird?
Without knowing the gain of your phono stage, you can probably use any MC cartridge whose output is 1.00 mV or higher. That's the only specification you need to know, as far as phono pre-amp compatibility is concerned. Good luck, Dave
I think Dopogue has it basically right, but since the M3A has only 28dB of phono section gain, I would raise the limit to 1.5mV or higher ;--)

The thing about the very high output MC carts. like the Blackbird and van den Hul TWO, is that they are designed to plug and play straight into the default 47Kohm load of MM phonostages. And so they sound great right out of the box.

Other HO MC carts are at somewhat of a disadvantage sonically unless their owner adjusts the phonostage input impedance to match them properly. As long as 25 times the cartridge's impedance (or internal resistance) equals 7500ohms or more, the default 47Kohms should be fine.
Oops. Forgot about the 47Khohm issue. And I didn't know the M3A had so little phono gain. Trust Ngarch here.
To all you guys - Thanks. I had no idea on any of this. Now I can get a MC and hear the MC vs. MM difference I've been told about.
I used to own a Modulus 3A and found it did not have quite enough gain for my Grado Reference which had 1.5mV output, but my EAR 834P was a nice match with the AI so it was not an issue. I was able to use the Grado without the EAR, but it meant not having quite as much gain as I would have liked and running the AI wide open. It was a bit noisy. I should think 2.5mV or higher would be suitable. In your price range you should also give serious consideration to a high output Grado (4mV) as these are extremely musical. I know this is not a moving coil (it's a moving iron), but you might keep in mind that Joe Grado holds the patent for the moving coil design and yet chooses to manufacture no moving coil cartridges. These are a great value and used you might even find a Reference in your price range (I sold mine for $500 with fairly low hours and the new owner was very pleased with his purchase).You will also want to keep in mind the compliance of the cartridge you purchase to be sure it is a good match with your tonearm. If you end up with the VPI, the Grados, as well as the Benz, will be a good match. The low output Grado Reference I owned was built especially for VPI tables. You may want to call VPI to ask about the high output versions and also to get their recommendations for other cartridge choices. I'm sure Harry has tried just about everything and can offer good advice.