what was your wedding song?

i was just listening to an old dusty sspringfield lp and well old dogs don't lie. "the look of love " was my second wedding song. the first buddy holly's "true love ways" shumtz maybe . i don't think so.
"My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)"
"The Panzer waltz"
"The Bitch is Back"
Spooky Tooth "You Broke My Heart So I Busted Your Jaw".No,wait a minute,that was after the wedding!!
Warren Zevon's "Excitable Boy"
Led Zeppelin's "Thank You", from Led Zeppelin II.
"Witchcraft" by Sinatra
"it ain't me babe" Bob Dylan
"Prince of Denmark's March" by Jeremiah Clark.
"Somebody Changed the Lock..."
Or, was it, "Why Don't My dog bark when YOU come Around?"
Theme to Twin Peaks
"Everythings Coming Our Way" Santana

Will be celebrating 35 years of marriage May 17
castles in the air by hoodoo gurus.
she blinded me with science. Thomas Dolby
Ours was "You Got What It Takes (To Take What I Got)", originally recorded by Joe Tex. We used the duet arrangement recorded by Marti Jones with her husband, Don Dixon.

Nat King Cole. 'Let there be Love'
Back at you Marty - nice to see Don Dixon getting some props here too. A favorite producer of mine.
"I Promise To Obey Your Every Wish Forever"
Re the previous post: never let your wife have your password.
That's it
"God only knows"...Beach Boys
"You Were Meant for Me" by Donny Hathaway.
Miserlou by Dick Dale and the Deltones. Pulp Fiction was the first movie we attended together.
Hit "submit as is" too quickly. Miserlou is based on a Lebanese wedding song that Dick Dale's uncle, a Lebanese-American, would play. There are variations of the same song in Egyptian, Greek and Sephardic-Jewish traditions (none of which we are), so it was less odd than it seemed -- although we all had visions of Vincent Vega, Marcellus Wallace and maybe The Gymp in mind.

Neither my wife nor I are Lebanese
"You go your way I go mine" by Bobby Zimmerman.

Wait, that was what was playing during Larry King's wedding.
Dead Kennedys "Too Drunk To F*ck"
Splitting Up Christmas -- Kevin Devine.
Over The Rhine - Rhapsodie

No that is not the name, that is what it sort of is.

Let's just say it was a signature #1 80's power ballad from a one hit wonder Canadian rock group circa 1989.

A good tune for what it is but still a bit embarrassing.
Sweet Love, by Anita Baker,

[although Dead Kennedys should have been more seriously considered - good one, Richard stacy]
I wrote our wedding song and had the band learn it beforehand. Yes, it was truly a magical moment for us, but the problem is that we will never hear it again on the radio, or be able to request someone to play it for us.

It was called "All I Want is You" and involved a duet between the male singer (conveying my thoughts) and the female singer (conveying hers).
This thread reminds me that I facetiously suggested "(You've Tied Me Down With) Battleship Chains" by The Woods (later covered by Georgia Satellites) and "No More Casual Sex" by Kid Creole. Got nixed on both but both were played later at the party.

"I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock and Roll"
Jeff Healy Band "Angel Eyes"
"Just the Way You Are" Diana Krall version. First dance song.
You stole my wife you horse theif you.
Paul Hardcastle "Desire"
The End
"I use to kiss her on the lips but its all over now. "
"Follow You, Follow Me" - Genesis