What was your most disappointing album purchase?

Since we have been listing “best debut albums”, I thought I might ask which albums members purchased, based upon one song, and with the expectation that other songs on the album would be good, but that album was a big disappointment.

I will start with the album by the group, Six Pence None The Richer, that had their big hit “Kiss Me”.   The rest of that album was trash!  Nothing I wanted to listen to and I found it hard to believe the same group had done the hit song.

This question might seem similar to “One Hit Wonders”, but I think it is different, as usually those groups made other music that was at least listenable.   My question refers to albums that had one listenable song, period!
Every album by Tool. Not a metal band.  
Some songs are average at best.
a very disappointing band.

 1-2 albums by  Kreator,  
1  Celtic  frost album
1 album by D.A.M.

 Too,many to list

 worst is Tool albums. They are mediocre at best,  o thing stands out from them.
 Have since sold all my CDs. Was Paid a very good amount for the first 2 Tool albums on LP.

Frozen or Baby Shark
Not sure but I think it's a tie
UmmaGumma - Best 'Floyd album ever...
"Primitive Cool" by Mick Jagger. Taste is subjective, but I thought it was terrible. I took it back, and I almost never take anything back. I can't remember if there was a listenable song.