What was your latest LP find??

Women and shoes...men and vinyl. Ahh, I get it now. I really don't need another copy of my fav' album, but I still have to look.

I really enjoy flipping through the piles of records above and below, and when the blood circulation is cut off and I can't feel my legs, then it's time to move to the next tier or tandem.

My latest find was a SEALED MFSL-Japanese super vinyl pressing of David Bowie - The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust & Spiders from Mars. Sticker price read $15.00 I have 2 copies already, a vinyl copy and a cd copy. Well..."I've got to have it, it's cheap!"

So the next time the little lady wants to buy shoes, make certain there's a record shop close by.
Just arriving in the mail yesterday was a ming Japanese pressing of Weather Report "Heavy Weather". Absolutely sublime. I used to have the SACD and a player, but both are now sold. This vinyl copy makes the Digital version sound like low-fi. Also arriving yesterday was a mint copy of Linda Ronstadt "Get Closer". If you have avoided this album because of the title track, you are really missing something. It contains some of her best audiophile quality work. Arriving today will be mint copies of Rickie Lee Jones "Rickie Lee Jones" and Pirates, both of which are must haves for sonics and composition.
Japanese pressing U2 Under a Blood Red Sky.
I bought the only piece of vinyl available for sale at a music store in Half Moon bay, CA. It was a two disk Alanis Morisette album that was unopened for $10. Apparently the store had accidentally been sent this album a few years ago. They tried to send it back to the distributor, only to have the distributor send it back claiming that they do not take returns. This store only sells digital. The shop keeper did not even know how much she had originally gotten the album for, so she just sold it to me for $10.

I have been buying all the "simply vinyl" releases I can get my hands on. They sound fabulous and are relatively inexpensive compared to lots of other high-end LPs. There are still a lot more I want to find. Don't buy any before I have what I want though!
John Mayall, jazz and blues fusion, British pressing $5.00 at local record store. Takes me back to when I saw him in the mid 70s at the Springfield Civic Center. Great stuff.
I am also really pissed about not getting to that Rickie Lee Jones MFSL LP in time to buy it off the A'gon classifieds. If anyone out there has a NM Rickie Lee Jones MFSL that they are willing to part with, give me an email. Also looking for a NM "Pop Pop" and "Traffic in Paradise" by her.
A friend brought over 42 boxed sets of classical, jazz and big band LP's yesterday and GAVE them to me. Most look to be unplayed. There's even a boxed set of country music that begins in the 20's and works by decade through the mid 70's. I'm overwhelmed with the quantity and the need to gather information about what I should keep and listen to and what I should part with. If anyone is an expert in this field and would like to help me figure this out, I would appreciate it. I know nothing about classical music.

I recently returned to my home state of Nebraska and visited Backtrack Records (www.backtrackrecords.com) in person picking up a ton of vinyl. Some of my more favorite finds were "Intensive Care" by Bellson, Brown and Smith (cover art to die for), Fleetwood Mac in Chicago (hard core Chicago blues), a sealed "Dead Man" sound track, a sealed "Stawberry Statement" sound track, a Buddy Holly picture disc and filled in almost every hole in my Neil Young collection. Still trying to find "On The Beach" though.

This is the first time I have done this much shopping for used software. I had read Neil Young's biography "Shakey" which started the ball rolling to finish my collection of his recordings. I guess I got carried away like a kid in a candy store while looking at tens of thousands of quality albums. It's time to go on a "vinyl buying" diet. It was a great way to spend a vacation though.
"Time for Tyner" by McCoy Tyner, new. No idea who put it out.
Al Di Meola-Cielo e Terra-,sealed record.An unusual and very special music.
Thanks to Lugnut, I finally did get my copy of "Rickie Lee Jones" on MFSL. It just goes to show you how good the people on this site can be. In just a couple of hours, we arranged a mutually beneficial vinyl trade. This is what it's all about, guys! Thanks, Patrick!
The JVC direct to disk recording called "Sugarloaf Express" featuring Lee Ritenour, Harvey Mason, Abraham Laboriel, Patrice Rushen, and Dave Grusin. If my memory serves that means the album was cut live in the studio without benefit of recording to tape. This album sound spectacular; the content is pretty good, too.

Scored a Monk Live in Tokyo; unopened. And, an "All Things Shall Pass" with all posters, inserts etc; the original George Harrison three record set for 8 bux in pristine condition. Lots more; just started listening to them.
I just posted this under a seperate thread, but maybe you vinyl heads can riddle me this:
I have this "Elvis for Everyone" LP. Took it from my parents house when they moved, years ago. The date on the lower right corner on the back of the album is 1965. It's on the RCA Victor lable. It has not been opened, it's still in the shrink wrap and it appears to be in very good condition. Is Elvis still a hot item? Anyone have any idea what it's worth? (Obviously, I haven’t owned a turntable in years)…

I don't have a clue what the album is worth. Open it up and play it. Elvis memorabilia will always be desireable opened or not. Tom, thanks for the positive feedback. Do wa ditty ditty dittos. :)

Happy listening,

Cecil Taylor, "Silent Tongues," a live mid-70s lp I got on eBay for a cool four bucks, sealed. I'm listening to it right now. The man is utterly unbelievable. I get the same feeling listening to him as when reading Faulkner or Joyce--it's hard to believe that a human being can DO that.
A *mint* copy of Serenata Jíbara by La Corporación Latina--one of the finest "junkie salsa" records ever. Not available on CD. Also got a record supplier in Argentina--just sent him a wire transfer for $150 worth of LPs & CDs...

Just got the Deustche Grammaphon tulip pressing of Von Karajan's 1963 Beethoven nine symphonies, and Rudolf Baumgartner/Lucerne Festival Strings' Bach Six Brandenburg Concertos.

Both are seemingly unplayed...no ticks, pops or even surface noise to speak of...this before taking it to the Disc Doctor (!!!).

I guess sometimes 'NM' really DOES mean 'Near Mint'.
Hey LUGNUT...I'll buy or trade ya' for your "DEAD MAN!"
Today is Sunday and Thanksgiving weekend here in Canuk land. A friend of mine from Peak Audio is dropping off about 80lps that were given to him and he wants to give them to me. He said they're mostly pop but 80 lps[in mint condition I'm told ],for a bottle of wine is a fine trade in my books. Long live vinyl!
Well my latest LP find was a new record store for me in Hollywood, CA. http://www.amoebamusic.com/ on sunset, they have thousands of new and used LP's from rock, punk, and jazz (no classical :(. Two stories high, listening stations and of course a piercing or tat of your choice:)
Arriving in the last couple of weeks are,
2560740277 Sep-30 01:17:27 $16.00 1 urabanchou

2559408054 Sep-25 17:15:45 $15.99 stevesrockinrecods
This is the first press, the one with the girls on the inside gatefold printed on 2 attached pages.

2559621303 Sep-24 19:34:09 $9.00 urabanchou

2558757011 Sep-22 16:10:23 $1.00 syumaibento

LP ELLISON RE 1971 Prog Psych Audiophile, NEW
2556141821 Sep-14 09:49:37 EUR 21.50

PINK FLOYD / '73 Japan Orig.2LP + OBI & BOOK!N/M
2556311788 Sep-11 13:48:15 GBP 38.00
$63.32 finally got my first ed of "A Nice Pair"

2554800077 Sep-08 16:22:45 $9.99 1 bbrmusic

LP ORANG UTAN RE 1971 Psych Prog Audiophile/NEW
2554798264 Sep-08 16:07:52 $9.99 1 bbrmusic

LP MOSES RE 1971 Psych Prog Hardrock rare/NEW
2554797744 Sep-08 16:03:31 $27.00 1 bbrmusic

LP FAR OUT audiophile RE 1973 Psych Prog/NEW
2554795147 Sep-08 15:45:26 $20.00

2554342526 Sep-07 07:07:11 GBP 13.50

LP 20TH CENTURY ZOO 1969 RE Prog Psych/NEW
2554189366 Sep-06 18:17:46 EUR 9.99

2554811643 Sep-05 17:50:10 $29.99 lplord

2554676028 Sep-03 00:53:52 $9.00 urabanchou

* BILLY COBHAM LP Japan Spectrum
2554656032 Sep-02 20:34:24 $9.00 urabanchou

2553783743 Sep-01 19:49:30 $19.99 1 groovers--paradise

2553782687 Sep-01 19:44:23 $19.99 groovers

2553782625 Sep-01 19:44:00 $24.99 groovers--paradise

2553782574 Sep-01 19:43:46 $24.99 groovers--paradise

Also arriving in the last week or so;

##### plays/new

Jarvis Street review, Mr. Oil Man/NEW

Still Life, heavy prog psych/NEW

Andreas Vollenweider, Down to the Moon/Japan/MINT
still in shrink,
also Down to the moon,white winds and behind the garden all Holland presses

Gravy Train (French Vertigo swirl)N/M

Gravy Train, Staircase to the day, 74 Japan,N/M

Bliss, 70 prog/psych/NEW

Colosseum,The grass is greener,white label Dunhill promo,N/M

The Wizards from Kansas, white label Mecury,promo N/M-

Jennifer Warnes, Famous Blue Raincoat/ Canada press

Fantasy Factory, Ode to life/Prog-psych/NEW

Gracious!, USA green capitil/MINT

Aquila, Prog/psych /New

Ben, first ed. UK, swirl

Tudor Lodge, UK, Vertigo swirl

Affinity, Canada, Vertigo Swirl

Clear Blue sky/heavy prog psych/New
I also picked up 2 Ricky Lee Jones, Japan LP's because I knew TWL was looking for them, oh well!!

MAN!!! I have beed a busy boy. Tons of old progressive PSYCH, FUZZZZZ
Ronnie is Rock'n tonight
2 goodies. Donald Fagen's "Nightfly" special Quiex II pressing. Can anyone describe this process?

The other, Helen Merrill's 1954 release featuring Clifford Brown.

Both $5.
Today from Goodwill 50 cents each.

Albert King- Born Under a Bad Sign- Stax STS-723 VG++

Dick Dale and His Del-Tones "Surfers Choice"-LPM 1001 VG+

Not too bad for very little cash.

TWL, congrats on your Rickie Lee scores.
Hey Viridian. Great Score! An outstanding recording,both content and sonics.Enjoy!
I found a mint box set of Gidon Kreamer played Bach solo for
$10 at Phily, and i am quite happy with it.
Archiv Produktion 2-box set of Bach's WTC, played on clavichord by Ralph Kirkpatrick. This was the first and one of only two WTC sets ever recorded on an instrument that is nearly impossible to play well and almost as difficult for a system to reproduce.

Get this, the artist himself wrote three paragraphs in the enclosed booklets about your playback system and how to set it up to get the most out of his recording! What other artist ever did that? These were recorded in 1959/1965 and the musician himself was discussing the principles of high end audio. Pretty amazing.

An extraordinary find in near flawless shape. Thanks to A'gon member Mderoche for letting me have them.
I just got “Shootenanny” by the Eels from Ralph at Atma-Sphere. I need to find him an LP to pay him back.

Also, bought four different White Stripes LP’s and six copies of Daniel Lanois “Shine.” Three of these were for me. One is US pressing and two are Dutch. Lanois fan should buy this LP while it is available. The Dutch pressing is clearly superior sound.

Also scored a Rickie Lee Jones “Pop Pop” Alto recording. Found a dealer in Germany with a mint copy for a reasonable price.

Still looking for Emmylou Harris “Wrecking Ball.” I know it was released as LP in Britain, but so far have not been able to find a copy.
pristine originals of the band "stage fright," and the stones "let it bleed," and an oft played yet still wonderful sounding mono copy of chet atkins "down home."
damn i love this hobby!!
Hey Doc! Good to see ya here!
My latest LP showed up by mail yesterday.
A Megaforce copy of Metallica "Ride The Lightning"
This was rated VG++ VG++ in the auction from a seller with outstanding feedback.
Its unlistenable! Several deep scratches,hundreds of fine scratches.Talk about surface noise!!
Plus the cover is beat to CRAP (like that slappy?)
Thank you eBay!!
David99 The seller should refund you your money because this is clearly a very poor copy.
From your statements he appears to be a good seller, so you should not have any trouble.
I to learned the hard way. What in the world were you doing bidding on a VG++ anything.

The ratings for lp's are vague so if you have any doubt, you must first ask the seller for details about any and all defects. Otherwise you will leave yourself open to this kind of disappointment.
Good Luck
Ron-This is an LP I only "kind of wanted".
A mint minus copy of this title usually fetches more than I am/was willing to spend.
In my opinion, VG++ should at least offer a mostly quiet surface with a decent looking cover(and lower cost)
No biggie.Its eBay,ya never know what to expect.
I went to a record show in Pittsburgh and I won the $100 shopping spree door prize and I came away with the Eagles "Hotel California" MFSL and 180 gram pressings of "Who's Next" and Zeppelin "II". I was also able to get two albums from my all time favorite band (not too popular here in the US though so I was shocked to find mint conditions of their vinyl music) the Pogues, I got "Red Roses for Me" and "If I Should Fall From Grace With God"
1. Three sealed copies (found a dozen @ the thrift) of "Rebuild Thy House" featuring the singing of Shlomo Carlebach & Sholom Katz on Elana Records. My wife once mentioned Shlomo being an old friend/neighbor (not certain if this was in NYC or LA) which is what made me take notice of the LP's. I like side two, featuring Shlomo, a lot.

2. "The Ten Graces Played on the Vina, music of South India", Nonesuch's Explorer Series. Killer.

3. "Pete Seeger on Campus", Verve Folkways. Great performances.

4. "A Different Kind of Blues", (an album of Jazz composed by Andre Previn featuring Itzhak Perlman, Shelly Manne, Jim Hal & Red Mitchell), Angel Digital Records. Good/unusual.

5. "The London Muddy Waters Sessions", MCA/Chess Records. Wore out a few copies of this when I was a senior in High School and it's nice to listen to it again.

6. "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly", original soundtrack on United Artist/Transamerica Records. A guy @ the thrift told me that Ennio Morricone is still working (did a nice music score a few years ago). I do not keep up on movies anymore.

7. "Living Chicago Blues", Alligator Records. It features three sessions by Detroit Junior, Luther Johnson & Queen Silvia Embry. Very cool from 1980.

8. "Lost in the Stars", A&M Records. The songs of Kurt Weill performed by Tom Waits, Marianne Faithfull, Lou Reed (just to name a few of the artists on the LP). Sting & Dominic Muldowney do the honors on "The Ballad of Mac the Knife" from The Threepenny Opera. Very cool LP from 1985.

9. "Birds of Fire", Mahavishnu Orchestra on Columbia Records. Only listen to it when my wife is out.

10. "Mambo at the Waldorf", Xavier Cugat on Columbia. I'm a big fan of Xavier's music, cartoons and art. Still own a few original and signed serigraph pieces, but sold most of my originals due to financial reasons (on the bright side they went to nice collectors instead of dealers).

I also purchased a $350 worth of Lps from Audiogon, the seller has good feedbacks, but I rceive a bunch of deepppp scratches lp. Through the e mail, the seller only want to refund $100 for it?? i really wonder how he got these feedbacks? Ever since, i dare not buy any lps from audiogon. I have not posted a bad feedbacks yet, i am still waiting for his answer.

Who is the seller?
Dear Dekay,

i do not know whether I will reveal this gentleman yet?? we are still under discourse process? To be honest, this is the first time I had problem with my beloved audiogoners. I always trust audigoners. I had bought many lps from audiogon, and I am always quite happy. I really want to warn everyfriend here to watch out this gentleman, but wait for a while....till.....
thank for your concern.

Beatles Blue Box set Dutch pressing unplayed; Albertporter, you have made my day.I've only had "Wreaking Ball" for six months (on CD) but I think its wearing out I play it so much. I will start my search for this on vinyl too!!!
Tim- Sorry to hear of your bad experience.
Go through the dispute process.I'll be rooting for you!
I only lost $10.00 I knew the LP wasnt in near mint shape but as I wrote before I didnt want to spend much for this particular LP.
Still,a VG++ rating should show vinyl with only a couple light scrathes,maybe some light sleeve paper rubbing.It should have high luster and the label and spindle hole should look new.

The cover should only show maybe a light corner crease or very light rubbing at the corners or sides.
Of course these are just a couple examples of what makes up a VG++ rating.
A mint minus should look new with no imperfections.
Every LP seller and buyer should get a copy of the Goldmine LP rating guide.
Keep us posted Tim,you spent lots of money and should get what you paid for.Good luck!

Sounds good to me though "deep scratches" is a disturbing phrase (as you know). Hope you and the seller work it out.
Out of all the recent LPs I purchased, two stand out as stunning:

Jacintha, "Here's to Ben" - I think it cost me $25 sealed, but a stunning audiophile piece.

Other LP is Stravinsky's "Firebird Suite" - Dorati is the conductor - an old CBS label (kind of like RCA Living Stereo). I managed to get a sealed copy for $50 from Classic Music or some such website. NM copies go for more than $80 on eBay. I can see why though. Talk about dead quiet passages - wow.

I agree with a previous posted on Simply Vinyl recordings - very good stuff. The Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms recording is spectacular. The Money for Nothing track is one of my demo/ impress your friends tracks.

Also worth checking out the two LPs by Theiveiry Corporation - (kind of like Massive Attack or Morcheeba). The quality is stunning - both LPs include 4LPs each, with all songs at 45RM - it's not an afterthought vinyl recording - it's a really good effort to show what vinyl can do.
I have been hooked lately on "Classic Records" and their high quality 200 gram Quiex SV-P virgin vinyl recordings. The most recent two: Nora Jones (come away with me) and Roy Orbison (lonely and blue) have a tendancy to tear my eyes!
Quincy love the Classic Records as well as those beloved DCC presses.
The only vinyl DCC I ever had a problem with was'the best of the eagles' I felt it was so warm and laid back sounding there was a moderate roll off of HF and lack of detail.
Anyone agree?
I found a 180g pressing of Lucinda Williams' latest in the store today, and hah, it has two bonus tracks that aren't on the CD. I can't wait to hear them!!!!
today's haul at the goodwill: 19 (count 'em!) RCA shaded dog monos (!), all in NM or VG++ condition, including the following reiners:
-tschaikowsky heifetz violin concerto
-dvorak new world symphony
-moussorgsky/ravel pictures at an exhibition
-schubert unfinished
-tchaikovsky pathetique symphony
-bartok concerto for orchestra (just listened to this one--stunning!
also a copy of heifetz sibelius violin concerto

it's christmas come early!
Musicdoc you know those ancient LP’s (they’re not even stereo!) cannot possibly be any good.

However, since your an Audiogon member, I‘ll take them off your hands. In spite of the fact they’re “dogs“ :^).
german pressing of ennio morricone greatest hits. prior to that one would've been a few months back w/ a uk pressing of chemical brothers exit planet dust. it's fun to look.
A VG+ "Belafonte at Canegie Hall" w/VG++ cover. Gave it a good cleaning, new sleeves, and a poly sleeve over the cover. Not a Belafonte fan, I confess I have not even played it yet. But, for $1.00 at a flea market, why not?
albert, thanks for your kind offer, but i'll just have to put up with these dogs myself i think. i don't know WHAT posessed me to pass over the pristine stereo copy of the beethoven violin concerto and get the dusty mono!
a woman approached me as i was sitting on the floor of the goodwill, audibly sighing at the terminal damage to stravinsky's "rite of spring" rendering it unusable, and offered to sell me two signed copies of boxcar willie LPs (with a straight face no less). i somehow resisted the temptation--i'm holding out for a signed copy of "zamfir's greatest hits."
David, The Eagles are a little to warm and laid back sounding for me as well, so I don't have any.

Musicdoc nice score, this is the kind of treasure record hounds live for. Good fortune was smiling upon you that day.
musicdoc, just change your name to musicdog, you dog. Nice find!