What was your first music that you paid for?

In fifth grade I received a stereo for Christmas. What a mistake my parents made, I never stopped the hobby. My firat album was Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass with :What Now My Love" my first 45 was "Guitarzan by Ray Stevens and the first 8-track was Frijid Pink.

What was the first music you purchased?
My first album was Del Shannon's Runaround Sue. I'm not sure if that was the name of the album, but that song was on it. I bought it at Woolworth's and I think I paid less than a dollar brand new. Many many years ago.
barbara streisand "the way we were" 45 also from woolworth's less than a buck. i beleive this was early 70's. 1st lp chicago vii. first 8 track aerosmith "rocks". anyone remember tsop by mfsb?

aloha keith
I started out eclectic! First two purchases I remember were "The Incredible Bongo Band" and The Jackson 5's "ABC".

Go figure!

First 45, (that I can remember) "Hey Joe" by the Leaves.
First LP "Rave Up" by the Yardbirds.

First significant stereo, Dynaco integrated, Acoustic Research Table with a nickel glued onto the headshell and big round Empire speakers.
My first was Queen "A Night at the Opera." I bought it at K-Mart and it lasted till my mother read the lyrics. They were not appropriate for our house! I bought it again several years later, but then it was just another LP in the collection. She never noticed it, even though I bought it on a trip our family tok to Germany.
The first I can remember buying is the Stones 45 with "Ruby Tuesday" on one side and " Let's Spend the Night Together" on the other. I believe it was 1965. It's almost 40 years later and still love the music!
My first purchase was The Rolling Stones' "Between the Buttons" when I was 14 yrs old. I took it to a party shortly after I bought it and it didn't make it past the first song("Let's Spend the Night Together") before the parents stormed into the room and took it off. I still have the record.
Ahh, Geez. My parents bought me a little Realistic compact system when I was about 13, but my Mom didn't want me listening to any of that hippy stuff . . . it was 1970. I wanted Jefferson Airplane, but my first allowable album was Tony Orlando and Dawn LP--"Knock Three Times on the Ceiling if you want me . . ." Needless to say, haven't listened to it in a long time.

Ugh. I'll bet you guys won't be able to get that song out of your heads the rest of the day!

Better be nice, or I'll remind you of "Muskrat Love" :-))

50's on a 45, "Sink the Bismark"...YEP!, we hit the decks a runnin..we spun them guns around. About-age7.

I can't remember life without music. My parents let me operate the console before I was 5 yrs old. The earliest thing I played over and over and over again is viewable on old 16mm movie film. The Venture's album with the surfer on the big wave on the silverish-blueish album cover. I kept playing that first song over and over.
My first LP was Yes Fragile, also bought at Woolworths.... They must have been pretty big in the record business back then, or we all just bought them where our mothers took us!

I think the stereo was a Panasonic all in one job.with seperate speakers.

The first album my parents ever took from me was George Carlin "On the Road". Funny, mom liked his humor, and knew we had several other Carlin LP's, but was worried because it had one of the first ever parental warnings about explicit lyrics! We bought the album again the next week...she never saw it, and eventually, when we were older gave it back to us, I can't remember if we told her we had it all along or not......
My first record was Hang On Sloopy by the McCoys. Purchased at Giant Music for about $2.47 (standard LP price in those days). I also got the Beatles Second Album and Paul Revere and the Raiders all around the same time. Different shopping trips, though, as I could only afford one album at a time on my allowance and baby-sitting money.
Eric Clapton Slow Hand. The tape is worn out but I still have it for sentimental reasons.
The 45 of Don McLean's American Pie - bought at none other than Woolworths.
"Collection" by the "Young Rascals" I must have worn out that LP. Think I paid around $3.00 for it. I'm still "Grooovin" to the music! After that came the Stone's "Aftermath" then Chicago Transit Authority. IMO, still all classics and the best time period for pop and rock music of the last century. Boy, I'm geting old!
Either Cream Disraeli Gears or Jeff. Airplane Surrealistic Pillow.
My first album was Bob Segar "Night Moves" still remains one of my favorite songs.
Beatles: From I Want to Hold Your Hand to Abbey Road.. After watching them on Ed Sullivan I was hooked. Eventually the Filmore East, Woodstock....Twas an amazing, groovy time, peace man, warren
The Beach Boys "Little Deuce Coupe"
Wow! Little Deuce Coupe for me too!
Michael Jackson "Thriller". Yes, I know, but one must take into consideration the fact that I was 8 at the time.
1962 - joined the Columbia Record Club and got a mono recording of Isaac Stern doing Haydn and Mozart violin concerti. Still have that record . . . . It was the start of a very long love affair with recorded classical music - - - -and it's still going on to this day.
I asked my mom to get me She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah by The Beatles, on 45RPM. She came back with You Can't Do That with Money Can't Buy Me Love on the flipside, explaining that She Loves You was sold out and the guy at the record store told her I would be okay with this one instead. I was a little hesitant, thinking my dear old mom might have gotten hoodwinked by some
smooth talking salesman, but when that platter hit the needle -- I was in heaven. What a great record! I started with a "suitcase" style record player,
which usually needed a nickle on the tone arm to keep the needle in the
groove, then graduated to the kind where the speakers were detachable and
finally, a Gerard Turn Table connected to a Pioneer receiver/pre-amp with
separate amplifier. I always had a stereo in my room, always had a more serious set-up than my friends, it always seemed to hold more importance for me than most of the people I knew. I was hooked early. Started with the Beatles and a sears record player.
My first 45 was "Hound Dog" by Elvis Presley. My first LP was "The Great Pretender" by The Platters. Guess my age.
My first album was "The Partridge Family Album" (yikes!)...

My second album was Emerson, Lake and Palmer "Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends".

Talk about a 180 degree switch!
The Temptations: Greatest Hits (?) and Bob Dylan: Highway 61. I think the Dylan may have been first but I'm no longer certain.
Growing up in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the 60's, we listened to a station out of Windsor, Ontario, CKLW AM. It was either garage rock or soul for us. Bubble Puppy-Hot Smoke and Sasafras, Blues Magoos-Pipe Dream, There's a Chance We Can Make It, then there are the Detroit Bands: Amboy Dukes-Baby Please Don't Go, Rationals-Respect, SRC, Stooges, MC5, Underdogs, Up, Iguanas (Iggy Pop's first band), Bob Seeger System, Mitch Ryder, Unrelated Segments, so many others, they go on forever.
Mine was, at the age of 12 '' Tom Jones Live at the Flamenco in Las Vegas'' I did not have a clue who Tom Jones was, I just wanted to buy my first LP. Listened to this record for a whole year before getting my second LP, SGT Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band....when I heard this for the first time...''Wow''

I had a cheap mono 1 speaker portable record player, to which I connected another ''speaker'', a $ 2,99 Radio Shack 6'' driver that I taped to a cardboard box in which I had cut a 6'' hole with a knife. So there I had it , ''Stereo'' sound!

I went to kilobuck systems since, ( with kilobuck speakers ). Funny, my memory brings me back to a time where this joke of a system (by our snobby audiophile standards) is the best-sounding system I ever had, listening to ''with a little help from my firends'' between my two mono speakers in my bedroom, scratches and all....now THAT was fun !
KISS - Destroyer.

I have since moved on.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
A yellow 45 with the theme song from the western series "Cheyenne". Can't remember what the flip side is.

I won my second 45 (Elvis's "Blue Hawaii") @ my father's company picnic by driving a spike all the way into a 2x4 with 2 whacks of a hammer. The fat drunk guy running the contest said I was too young to participate, but my father talked him into giving me a chance. The guy got pissed off when I won (3 blows/whacks was a win). I then called the old guy a peckerhead and got into trouble. Gave the 45 to my mother who later took my sister and myself to see the movie (the movie sucked).
Columbia House 12 albums for 99 cents: several Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Herb Alpert, Brazil 66. Can't remember the rest...
I don't know if I can do this its so embarrassing. Ok its Shaun Cassidy title unknown gee wonder why I don't remember the title probably a good thing anyway. was a LP played over and over on our killer Zenith Quadrophonic receiver turntable combination rig

Not as bad as my first "sink the bismark", great system you have by the way! Wondering if your room passes the "hand clap" test though? I'll bet my Krell's would hunker-down and try to hide if those big-ass tube amps pulled up along side.

Sogood51 yes it passes the clap test thanks to the Michael Green pressure zone controllers in the upper corners of the room just visible in the pictures.
Elton John--Madman across the water
The Vogues "Five O'clock World" on 45
Styx - Grand Illusion
Rush - Hemispheres
AC/DC - Back in Black

Don't remember
First album I owned was the first KISS album, which I received for my 7th or 8th birthday I think. I don't remember the first album I paid for, but it was probably either Queen's News of the World or Styx's Grand Illusion. I also really loved Ted Nugent and The Beatles. K-Mart was the place.
LP- The Music Machine. Had a great rendition of Tax Man.
45-Turtles Happy Together.
Grand Funk Railroad "Mark Don & Mel" Bought the album when it first came out. Still have it.
Now this could give someones age away. First LP was The Doors. I lived in Manhattan Beach California when I was a kid. A few friends and I (this was around the late 1960's)heard loud music playing in a garage that was closed but it was emanating loudly at the time. I was hooked because I remember hearing the song Crystal Ship being played over and over among others and thought that was a cool song. Months later I heard the same song in a record store when their album was released and I was very surprised and I bought it. I will never forgot that.
Although I had been collecting 45's for a short while, I remember my first LP purchase vividly. I was brought along to Toronto with my parents on a trip and ended up at Sam the Record Man, then and for a long while the mecca of record stores in Canada. I spent about four hours looking at album covers but only had the scratch ($5.00) for one album. On my way out I looked at the new releases again and narrowed it down to Paul Revere and the Raiders Greatest Hits vs. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. I chose Paul Revere and have been making the right picks ever since!
Beatles White Album, I think....?
I'm surprised so many people can remember. I think it may have been the Stones, Beggars Banquet. Other possibilities are Blind Faith, Hendrix's Are you Experienced, and Led Zeppelin II. Or maybe it was something else.
Cheap Thrills by Big Brother and the Holding Company for $2.99 at Kings (no longer there) in Brighton, MA in 1969.
I might be wrong,but I think the Archies,Sugar Sugar,when I was about 9 years old
I bought a lot of 45,s that I heard on my 5 dollar transister radio which I carried with me everywhere,,AM stations only,
Funny Ray:

A more than decent local musician left my home town of Des Moines to play with the "Archies" cartoon/45 stuff. No way I'll ever remember his name though after all these years.
Dekay,thats interesting,small world huh.
I think the first three I bought back in 78 all within a few weeks
Forigner there first LP
Kraftwerk Man Machine I still love that LP
and Aerosmith Toys in The Attic