What was your favorite musical artist best album?

Just wondering the suggestions of fellow audiophiles on the best album from an artist?
For instance my favorite album by Pink Floyd is Dark Side of the Moon followed by The Wall.
What is your choice?
Today it's The Rolling Stones  Let It Bleed.Tomorrow,who knows.
King Crimson Lizard is one heck of a listen
Randy Newmans/Good Old Boys, Susan Tedeschi/Just Won't Burn
Rolling Stones; Exile on Main Street
Roxy Music; Avalon
Elton John; Tumbleweed Connection
The Who; Quadrophenia
Led Zeppelin; Stairway to Heaven album
Aerosmith; Toys in the Attic
Traffic; The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
Nicolette Larson; Nicolette

Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs
had to throw that one in.
Ah, I remember that one......sigh. Let's also include the original "It's a Beautiful Day" album and "The Jeff Beck Group" (Goin' Down)
John Lennon - Plastic Ono Band album - Most emotionally raw, organic album ever!  REAL human angst.  John had a lot of pain in his soul.  Sadly, he must have carried that baggage a  l o n g time.
Can / Ege Bamyasi
Eno / Here come the warm jets
Roxy Music / (There 2nd album)
The Grateful Dead / Workingman's dead
The Band / (Brown album)
Bardo Pond / Dilate 
Clem Snide / Hungry bird
Radiohead / OK Computer
Captain Beefheart / Plain brown wrapper
Larkin Grimm / Parplar

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Miles Davis - Bitches Brew
John McLaughlin with Mahavishnu Orchestra - The Inner Mounting Flame.

I much prefer WYWH by Pink Floyd to all other their albums, though there are some excellent cuts elsewhere.
Rod Stewart - Gasoline Alley!
Jefferson Airplane - Crown Of Creation!
Amon Duul II - March Of The Lemmings!
The Moody Blues - In Search Of The Lost Chord!
George Gobel ‎– In Person "At The Sands".

Are there two George Gobels?
Not to my knowledge, but he was extremely multifaceted and also capable of time travel.

He could be your father Geoffrey.


Lawrence Welk......a one and a two.....lots of bubbles

Josef Goebbels......no bubbles, big troubles
Rod Stewart - Gasoline Alley

Playing now after all these years. Rod the Mod's early albums are really great.
Crosby, Stills & Nash - CSN
David Crosby - Here if you Listen
Tom Petty - An American Treasure
Rumer -  Boys Don’t Cry 
Fleetwood Mac - Rumors
hey boxer12 another Can fan! 

I like Tago Mago myself but they are all good.
Fields of the Nephilim-Elyzium
Sopor Aeternus- Have you seen this ghost?
Marianne Faithfull- Broken English.
Captain Beefheart Clear Spot.

2 Can fans in such a short thread. Amazing.
Mickey Katz Live at the Fillmore.
Dire Straits- Communique