What Was Your Favorite “Game Changer” Moment?

I've been rebuilding and modifying my system since the summer of 2029. I have a pile of rejected cables and assorted gear to sell sometime soon. Several times I told myself that I was finally finished with upgrades, only to be tempted to try just one more thing. Happily, I stumbled upon an unexpected game changer in the past week. I purchased a used pair of Fusion Audio Romance 1 interconnects.

The reviews, some on this forum, suggested that this cable is “warm and romantic,” as the name implies. My biggest concern was that the top end might be somewhat muted. I have been using Shunyata Venom interconnects and speaker cables. They have plenty of top end sparkle that I didn’t want to lose. But I’m always in favor of curbing harshness.

Well, not to worry. The Fusion Audio interconnects did not just keep the high end sparkle, they extended it. And they did it in a very musically pleasing way. I played a native tropical bossa nova album, and the percussion instruments danced around in a stunning holographic fashion. On some other albums, I heard female vocals served with a sublime, expressive quality that surpasses anything that my system was capable of before.

I consider myself a “warm side of neutral” kind of listener. Fatiguing harshness has always been the obstacle to overcome. But I want the details at both ends of the spectrum. As for Fusion Audio cables, they are available at Audio Surroundings in Boca Raton, Florida. Here is the link: https://www.audiosurroundings.com/store.php?seller=Ericlove&navt1=263817&per=6&num=6&...

Does anyone know how to contact Eric Love, who was mentioned in numerous threads a few years ago as the maker of these cables? I would like to contact him.

Please share your favorite “game changer” moments with cables and other items. I'm still looking for the “magic” USB cable.

My system:

Exposure 3010S2D integrated amp
DynAudio floor standing speakers
Topping D70 DAC
Auralic Aries Femto music streamer with SBooster power supply
Kitsune modded Singxer SU-2 USB bridge
Netgear S8000 Network switch with streaming music preset
Cables and power cords by Shunyata, Lessloss, Wireworld, PS Audio, Chord Company, Fusion Audio

back to the future

or back from the future??
In 1973, at the age of 19 and when I put together my first real high fidelity music system...
A hit on my pipe, and then my first time to listen to Dark Side Of The Moon, on Koss Pro 4 AA headphones.
From that moment on I knew that a hit from the pipe, or any other method, was a "game changer" and can take high fidelity to another level.
Days of Future Passed....or Past....
When I discovered how a really good power cable can transform everything.
That fabulous moment when I said ’One MILLION dollars!!

Sorry. that was in Austin Powers.

What I mean, was that ...when I named our new cable (The) "Game Changer’ and found out just then, that it was an over abused term, already.

as for the internet bringing more fodder for the audio think grist mill.
the problem is more one of extreme dilution, and no ability to really know how the grains of sand arrange back into the sand castle we might call audio. the internet allows for an individual to get involved in smaller and smaller groups. hence the personal blog space or sphere.

Farcebook is all about that problem or ego game/shield/bubble thing. A billion forces of one. Stuck in cities trying to feel like a functional individual and be integrated. what a mess. No million mile marches, only one million people individually taking one step.

The internet has turned out to not enable action and/or change, but to remove both. Stuck in the doorway.
When i got my first MAGICO speakers.