What was your biggest experience in diy speaker building?

Just had a great experience diy’n.
The results are bettter than I had hoped for or expected, given my newbie status in the speaker design world.  
I spent hours on the internet studying, hours more trial and error and had some plain good luck to boot. Much of my crossover design banked on modifying-refreshing some that I pulled from an old pair of Parsecs. Being a builder, I overbuilt the cabs so they’re like boulders... major bracing and 1.5 inch mdf baffles (for the bass enclosure). Very low resonance.  Mid and tweeter enclosures separate and vibration isolated from bass and each other. 
Drivers from good makers, with a careful eye toward the crossover slopes and points. 

Net: these will hold my speaker quest for some time to come.  Need to work a little on the finish.  Cabinet finisher will do piano black in a few weeks. 

Success or failure, it’s an education.  What are your experiences?
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Every single audiophile should build at least 1 pair of speakers in their hobby lifetime. It will transform them.


Biggest experience... Lowther fidelio horn speakers. Built them many years ago & they are still my main stay. I picked that design because they are a rear horn speaker & relatively small for a horn speaker. These things image like no other speaker I've ever heard. There biggest shortcoming is lack of deep bass, so a sub is basically mandatory. Toying around with building an open baffle design at some point in the future...