What was you most expensive accidental damage?

I have read many claims by members that they accidently damaged their multi-thousand dollar cartridge styli by improper handling. I have blown out a few low power handling speakers with high powered amps. Several members claim that their cats have clawed the speaker cones to shreds. Have you experianced any 1) blown amplifier output transistors by accidently shorting the speaker wires. 2) Extra loud turn on thumps blowing out speakers 3)Putting the wrong tube in tube socket destroying the tube 4) leaving tube equipment so longthat the capacitors melt. 5)Electrical fires from AC shorts?
Well...........I do have a story. Way back in the late 60s when I was in college my buddies and I would set up a couple of mics and tape record our group playing folk music. One day, at a family party my little cousin came into the room where we had just recorded a song and the mics were live. She put her lips against one of the mics and let out a loud scream. The results were two melted voice coils on my EMI speakers. When I sent them in for repair I got a call from a EMI engineer wanting to know how the hell that happened. He said he never seen a speaker voice coil so totally destroyed. It's funny now, but at the time there were no smiles on my face.
I had the veneer on my speakers crack due to a leak in the roof. To reveneer the speakers it will cost the same as replacing them. I am still working on the insurance settlement. They are eager to take your money but to get anything back is like squeezing 1000 watts out of an inexpensive SET amp.
Getting married.But then again like the joke gies "why is divorce so expensive?BECAUSE IT"SWORTH IT!!!!!!".Actually for me it was when I spilled (bottle fell off shelf and plaict cap broke ) of a pint of LAST Preservative (don't leave home without it-other than vaccum cleaner the best accesssory for Lp'there is).I was only the last third of a pint but I fely like those Revas Chegal ad's where they ask "Ever see a gown man cry?"

Fried a Harman Kardon 3380 receiver ($250) by shorting the speakers wires (#1). While they were here, Sylvester (the cat) clawed out a pair of EPI 100's ($150 - 1979 money) and Vino (the cat) clawed out a pair of KEF Q55's ($600), as well as the motherboard of a PC. With that said, for the longest times my speakers were inside of cabinets and at least 5 feet off the ground. The new guys, Ruby (the cat) and Archie (the cat) tend to leave my stuff alone.

Regards, Rich
I remember stepping on a pair of KR 842's! This was about a $700 screw up!
This is going to seem trivial, but I once (accidentally, on purpose) busted up a late 70s vintage Panasonic clock radio.

The Eagles had just lost a game to the Redskins on a field goal in the closing seconds of a game, and I just kept bashing the thing like crazy with my hand. Didn't figure the flourescent display was made of glass or that a metal housing surrounded it, but let's just say my hand was bleeding pretty good and the clock wasn't of much use by the time I got it all out of my system.

That was the best darned clock radio I ever owned. After approximately 20 years, it was still going strong. So far, "Made in China" does not compare with "Made in Japan". But, I've been lucky with my high end gear.

And, no, I don't have those anger issues any longer. At least, I think I don't...
I have yet experienced such a loss, but I have had a guest/friend put their tall beverage on top of my Theta Dreadnaught. I popped out of my seat so fast, it looked like I sat on a needle!
My son accidentally played "dominos" with my Magnepan 3.5s. You know the game where one domino falls into the next domino knocking it down, etc. etc.
I was working and my wife was so afraid to tell me, she waited for me to get home then made me sit down before giving me the bad news(I thought she was pregnant again).
He was small and it was an accident but I didn't speak to my wife for about a week (it was her turn to watch him). Even my son knew he had done something wrong. Magnepan did a marvelous job of rebuilding them, basically giving me 2 brand new speakers, and only charging me for the cost of the parts.
The good thing is that both my son AND my wife keep their distance now.
Quicke,man i hate morons like that,im always amazed at the lack of consideration people have in other's home's.

about 20 years ago i was out bar hopping & i parked my bike where the security guard could see it & even gave the slob a 20 spot to keep an eye on it for me while i was inside.

after i had my fill i came out to the parking lot & i couldnt find my scooter,i thought it got stolen until i looked closer,some drunken fool had ran over the little yellow curb between the 2 parking spots & ran right over my bike,not only did he run over the bike he was parked directly on top of it with most of the bike still under his suv,then he passed out with the motor still running.

i do believe that was the angriest moment in my entire life not to mention i had well over 10k (big $ back then)into that harley & i ended up eating every last cent of it too.

35.00 hard earned dollars to a scalper for a $6.50 ticket to see Led Zepplin back in 1973 at Olympia Stadium in Detroit, Michigan. The Accidental damage was to the finest audiophile instruments that (money can’t buy) I have ever owned... my ears. Oh, it was probably worth it given my brother and I went with two beautiful young girls and we saw a band and a show that rock n’ roll legends are made of. The ringing in my ears has long since gone away. Happy listening!
i havnt thought about olympia stadium in years! those were the days thats for sure.
Did you bring it to copurt?Idfhe was passed out well you should have had a cvase.Man sh*t like that reminds that revenge is a dish best served cold and though I have ben taken here and there for a few hundred or a thousand in the ultimate scheme of things it didn'seem, worth putiting a dent into my karma card(come to think of it a fe of thjose incidenmts are still dorecent they still fill my nostrils).But $20K (adjusted for inflation) I can't think of how many cars he would have had tore-car paint jobs or teeth re-set.Your quite a guy though and hopefully paid off karma wise in the long run.
I learned that you cant have 8ft acoustats panels hanging out the back of chevette hatchback flapping in the breeze....and expect them to play when you get home :-)
chazzbo,i never took that fool to court infact i never even waited for the cops to come i just split & went on home,even though i wanted more than anything to rip that fool out of his car & do some very bad things to him i was better off just walking away.

at that time i wasnt allowed in or around bars & by me just being there it woulda cost me my freedom so i just ate it & told myself thats what i got for being somewhere i wasnt supposed to be in the first place,something i found out very early in life is that revenge can & will end up costing people their freedom,it did me.

what bummed me out more than loosing my scooter was that by me not calling the cops this druken fool was able to drive home so hammered that he passed out on top of my bike,i still wonder if he hurt anybody on his way home.

BIGJOE: You should have poked pencils in his ears while he was passed out.
a friend of mine was selling audio equipment from his house. he he was delivering a pair of vandersteen 2c's. they were mounted on stands with spikes. i remarked that he needed a hand truck. He replied he just bought one and went to get it. He loaded the vandys on the hand truck. as he approached the car the vandys fell off the hand truck and scratched the door all way down the side of the a brand new car.
mint , believe me i wanted to do a lot more than just poke pencils in that mother#$%!@#s ears but the thought of waking up in a cell for the next 10 years fighting over a doughnut with a cell mate named bubba gave me a quick reality check.
Bigjoe: I agree completely with your philosophy that it is not worth giving up ones freedom for revenge, this #$%!@#s has recieved his punishment by becoming a slave to alcohol and by his self induced alchoholic brain damage comas, and you and I are free men able to use our freedom of speech in this forum.
While setting up my Benz Glider while using a small steel machineists square it got pulled by the magnet into the cart. Yep, it cliped off the boron cantiliver and diamond....never found it. $700.00.. POOF! I was sick for days.