What was the movie?

Years ago (10? 15?) I saw a movie set (I think) in London. A man is abducted and taken to someone's residence where he is tortured, but he lives to tell the tale. Later he turns the tables and is back in the same residence and torments the man who had originally tortured him. The resident loves music (jazz I think) and so the torment involves destroying the man's precious vinyl in front of his eyes.

I can't quite recall what movie this was. Any assistance. I know, not a pleasant topic for audiophiles. If it means anything, I don't recall if the vinyl continued to be destroyed or if the man simply talked. Maybe it wasn't all destroyed.
Sounds kinda like "Sleuth"? Not sure of the record smashing scene though.
Might be handy if you could remember any/some of the actors in it.
Was it Michael Caine and Christopher Reeves in that flick ? Cheers
Looking through crystal spectacles, this sounds sort of like "A Clockwork Orange"?
Clockwork Orange with Malcolm Mcdowell. You go the plot a bit mixed up. The music is mostly classical (Beethoven) but reworked by Wendy Carlos.

Here is an interesting piece of audiophile trivia:

Scene Four in that movie - Battling Billy Boy - happens in the famous Karsino hotel ballroom. The hotel was torn down in 1973. The hotel was originally built by Fred Karno and he had a luxurious house boat which he moored on Tagg’s island next to the hotel. Fred invented the "cream pie in the face" comedy gag but went bankrupt when Holywood movies drew entertainment away from comedy halls. Kind of ironic that an avant-garde movie like Clockwork Orange was shot in Fred's decrepit empty hotel.

Pink Floyd, in the early days of David being in the band, actually did a gig in the Palm Court ballroom. In an odd twist, David Gilmour now owns the houseboat and uses it as a recording studio. You can thank David for preserving a beautiful house boat or this would probably have gone the way of the hotel and been torn down.
Poking around a bit more:

I believe it may have been "Blue Ice" with Michael Caine:


I have the DVD on order and I will watch it and try to mention if it turns out to be the one. I had already watched Stormy Monday, an apparently similar film, and I don't think that was the one.
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Resembles the plot of my marriage, separation and divorce(only lacking a female character).