What was the model name of these Jamo speakers from the late 70's, early 80's?

I have searched all over the web to find info these, to no avail. I am hoping I can describe them well enough ,so that someone  else who once owned them ,can tell me the model name.
They were made by Jamo.
 They were large grey boxes, on integral ,chrome, "leg",  stands, which put the ribbon tweeter at ear level. They were powered with built in amplification,(needed plugged into an AC outlet).
The 12" woofer extended out from the front a few inches, (time correction?), with a graphic equalizer,(sliders), above the woofer.
Speaker compliment was a ribbon,(leaf?), tweeter on top.
A Philips dome midrange with metal mesh cover , and a 12" woofer that extended out a bit from the front of the cabinet.
I bought them from a friend, (must have been early 1980's), who was also a local DJ.  They were great party speakers, and sound better than you would think from the description here.
I got rid of them and bought a M&K sattelite/subwoofer system after owning the Jamo for several years.
I still remember how nice they sounded.
I would love to try and find a pair, or at least find information on what model I had.

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Why don’t you just call jamo?
You are quite welcome.
I bet they have plenty of time to play guessing games with me.
Seemed more appropriate to  discusses it with others here , who may have owned them, and get some user opinions.
You’re right.
How foolish of me to suggest you contact the company that manufactured them and may assist you in identifying them.
What was I thinking...
You know, they may or may not be able to help you.
Just takes a minute on your part to find out. 
No seriously, I appreciate you suggestion.
I called, I got a hold of Klipsch. They said "they will reopen after the holidays on the 13th", Well it’s the 17th... Just sayin’  :-)

I actually did not know Klipsch owned Jamo now.
I'll try them later in the month.