What was the best AudiogoN review you've read?

There are lots of people writing the reviews on AudiogoN now. Have you read any that were extremely informative, or well written? If so, who wrote it, or what piece was reviewed?
A review by Jadem6 (sp?), he did a review on some cables he tested, very well done! The title, I believe, was for Valhalla; but he commented on many others that he compared.
Head To Head:Creek/Arcam/Cary/Roksan... LONG

Many mention these players but this review compared them.Wish he could have included the Rotel.Still decent because it's not anywhere else (well did see it pop up on AA).
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I like this one.

Rushton writes excellent reviews
I second Mejames. Rushton's review of the Walker Proscenium Gold turntable was superb.
RcPrince wrote a great review of the Audio Logic 2400 dac around a year ago. He covered the latest (at that time) update, tube rolling, and the sound, so well, I bought mine without hearing it. The dac was everything I hoped it would be,and just as he described.
nice review

one more