What was that smell?

Ugh, so last night i was putting in a new power cord, and i figured while im at it i was gonna try to see if i could get my DBX-CX3 pre-amp put between the Denon 2900 and the AMP, and have the digital out from the 2900 hit the reciever then go to the DBX-CX3 through the external proc input. Figured it might work as a Bypass.

Anyways, it diddnt work, i got some bad inputs on the pre-amp.

However, i stupidly enough forgot the number 1 rule of messing with this stuff to TURN IT ALL OFF.

I pulled out the interconnect going into the amplifier and all of the sudden the right speaker made this LOUD HEAVY DIGITAL NOISE. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
And it was LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, of course i freak out and reach around and start hitting power buttons left and right, finally got the amp off and the sound stopped.

Then i noticed this smell, kinda like the smell of a fresh bandaid.

Anyways, i connected everything back up, flipped off the A dn B speaker outputs on the amp and got everything ready to go, a nice quiet volume, and flipped the A/B switches back on (im biwiring)

Sounded just fine. No noticeable after affects except the living room smelled like a band-aid factory.

Any idea what it was? Ive smelt ckts that have fried before, it was not the smell of silicon...

think i might have damaged my voice coils? any way i can check?

Tell ya what tho, i did like the sound of that DBX pre-amp back in the system. I couldnt get the reciever to run through it, but it did sound good. Im really wanting to get a pre-pro now.... those Proceed's look better and better.
Sounds like fried tweeter to me. Put your ear close to the tweeters with something hissy on with the volume up and see what you hear.
You mean check for siblance?

I ran about an hour of "Hero" last night through the system, didnt notice anything.
When i get home though i will check for that....
Siblance is fine - I usually use interstation noice from a tuner - its constant and you don't have much noise from the mid-range driver to distract you. Good luck.
It reads like burning chemical (ferrofluid maybe?). If all else fails, disconnect the tweet & check the dc resistance. It should be ~71% of the tweet's nominal. If it's too low, change both tweets. Good luck
typically the tweeter will either work or not work, but you may have damaged the mid or low freq. drivers, if you put your ear close to the speaker and hear sort of a scraping sound as the drivers move in and out, then you've warped the coils in your drivers, if you can't hear anything, then you're probably ok.