What was it about Fi. Magazine?

Thank God for TAS. You may like or not like this mag...but the high-end needs all the support it can get. That said, I miss Fi. I don't know what it was about that mag. that hit home for me...format, writers, style...time of the decade...but I looked forward to it even more than Road & Track!

Does anyone else miss Fi.? If so, can you put a finger on why?

Thanks, Jim
I have all the issues, Fi gave me my first introduction to Nirvana cables.
Fi and Ultimate Audio. It was more the writing style. Seems like they were having more fun doing their jobs than anyone else. You could sense the excitement they had while reading the articles...plus it had lot's of reviews...not just 3 like the recent stereophile.
Jfrech.......I think you nailed it. It did seem like the writers were having fun...and no obvious since of a hierarchy.
Fi had musicians on its covers. It was a magazine about music and its reproduction. It seemed fresher, more innovative, and didn't drag a long tail of tradition behind it like Stereophile and TAS. I liked 'em all. I really miss Audio where the real engineers lived.
Fi could review audio without trying to rip to shreds the worlds best audio to prove they were doing there jobs. They seemed more realistic. Try Listener . Listener even mentioned buying audio on line to get more for your money. According to TAS and Stereophile Buying audio on the web dosen't exist!
Does anyone know where Larry Alan Kay is now? Maybe he could find some computer money backing and get Fi. back in business?....seems that's the story behind one of the other mags.(?)
Fi was my first Audio mag and as James stated above loved the importance of the music in it.
Writing style was very good .

Now I have Stereoph and TAS, TAS seems more like it than Stereoph.