What wall outlet to purchase?

I would like to know what wall outlet to purchase for my audio system. Right now I use a run-of-the-mill Home Depot outlet. I know PS Audio has them, Albert Porter, Shunyata, etc,etc. Which one do you recommend? What is the best bang for the buck? thanks, Jim
I like my Oyaide SWO-XXX outlets. http://www.audioexcellenceaz.com/oyaideoutlets.htm
My Porter Port from Albert Porter was very fairly priced, I thought, and provided excellent sonic value over the older, non-cryo isolated ground unit it replaced. I haven't tried anything more expensive, though.
There's a company named Locus Design Group doing business on Audiogon that has a great selection of products and manufacturers. The prices are very competitive. Check them out.

I have no affiliation with them.
Best bang for the buck is undoubtedly here:

I have 3 different outlets in my theater. Ps audio, Acme silver croyed, and wattgate 381.

I am not to happy with the ps audio. The acme for 5 less dollars is a much more balanced in the frequency rage. The wattgates on steroides but its also 3 times the price.

The acme silver plated is good bang for the buck

Happy listening...
I'll second the Krell man on these,
I like the double cryo'd Oyaide outlets, the red ones (there are 3 to choose from). Purchased mine from Audio Excellence AZ. You can purchase these elsewhere but I don't think they will be cryo'd. Alan can guide you as to which one will fit your sonic needs.