What VPI junction box do I have?

I have the JMW9 Sig tonearm with Nordost wiring but not sure I have the Valhalla junction box. All it say's is "JMW Memorial Tonearm". Is there a way to distinguish between the regular and the Valhalla? Also, does it make sense to get Nordost phono interconnects? I have the VPI IC's now.
I have a 10.5i, and although it says Nordost on the arm, there is no indication of Nordost wiring internally in the junction box. I personally believe all the junction boxes are wired the same with the exception of RCA or XLR termination. You can simply open up the junction box and look inside to see if indeed it is Nordost wired. I was about to do that, but figured aside from getting me disappointed, there was no point. You can also call Harry who will tell you the definitive answer. I suspect that the wires are so short in the box that it makes no sonic difference. If it did, Harry would have made a Nordost junction box.

I have opened the junction box on my Signature arm, I can confirm that it is, indeed, wired with Valhalla wire.

I have the same JMW9 Sig arm. I'm not curious enough to look but by all means ........... nix the VPI I/C's. I went with Nordost TYR and they are to die for !!!!
Thanks Islandman...I can breathe easier now....(not said sarcastically)
I use the Van den Hul The First Ultimate Screened on mine, works very well.
Whatever you do you have to twist the wires coming out of the top of the arm. I've had this table for years and i just did it. It's like I have whole new arm. Do it and do it now!
Just curious, are you twisting the wires for anti skate? Which way did you twist the wire and what improvement did you hear?