What Vintage Speakers/Marantz

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Love this Audiogon site!!!!

Looking for a pair of vintage speakers for my Marantz 2325 Receiver, What would you look for, Vintage, or modern?

Been searching for a pair of ADS 710's /810's on Audiogon and thought maybe I am limiting my choices!

So any help suggestions would be most appreciated!!!!!!!!!!

What would you do?

Thanks for your help!!

What's the budget and size parameters? Alot of the better vintage speakers are mui largo.
I own a pr. of the ADS L500's and they are very, very good sounding spks especially considering their age! (I changed out the stock binding posts to BP Hex's. Easy up-grade and well worth the effort/cost.) The midrange and treble are very warm w/these spks. Very easy to listen. Not the most extended treble nor the most accurate bass, IMO. I'm sure the models you mentioned would be even better sounding still. But will they match up well w/your receiver and provide long term listening pleasure? I own a little Marantz 2218 and I have it paired w/some Rega Jura's. They are a perfect match for each other! I really don't have the answer. I can't see going wrong either way. However, a newer loudspeaker may be more accurate...Good Luck!
Original Advents... JBL L-65 Jubals.. Snell E-III's would be nice.. so would be any of the new Rega's for that matter..some Altec 19's would sound great!
When I had my Marantz 2330, I paired it up with some JBL 4312's, which sounded great. I now have my Marantz 2252 paired up with a set of vintage large Advents. Another great match!
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Thank you so much for your support, I have never (no Pun) heard the Rega's.
i searched the Audiogon site for this brand for sale, few listed, what would you suggest is the best for under 500.00 used?

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Rega's "Jura" loudspeakers do not come up for sale too often. (Usually around $400.) Another good loudspeaker to consider would be Vandersteen 1b/2c's. Snell E-III's would be a fine choice as well. (I own a pr.) I would make sure the "foam" surrounds on the woofers were in good shape (not a worry w/ADS because of "rubber" surrounds) and that the factory shipping boxes came w/the spks. Another possible choice to consider are a pr. of JM Lab "Cobalt" 810's on Agon. These were a nice spk. w/real wood veener. (Offer $400 and see if buyer accepts?) or go w/a Vandersteen which would be a relatively easy re-sell in case they don't work out. Bill
Hi Bill,

Thank you for your suggestions in such detail!!!!!! Appreciate your time!!!!
Still looking to find some of these models you list that are for sale in excellent condition!

I will have to be patient and wait till avail on Audiogon!!

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Hi friends,

Thanks to you and especially Bill for suggesting the Snell EIII's----They just rock with my Marantz 2325 Receiver, these speakers surprised the heck out of me, they rock!!!!!!!!! Sound is so warm and the base is spectacular, what a deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes you are right.. the Snell EIII's do so much right and are fun, have a fairly big sound without harshness or irritation, and although in no way are perfect or up to snuff with the super detailed crowd they rock.