What vintage speaker might you use today

Like to find out what "vintage speakers" members would/might use in their current audio set-up

Do you think what made them special was the synergy between them and the amp used, or just the fact they were well designed and performed way above their price tag.??
Thanks for the link. That is exactly why I like vinyl & SE tube amps with Lowther speakers. The design implementations are old, but together they have "presence" in spades.  
Did I miss anyone mentioning a Vandy? Their model 2Ce is a keeper. Phase coherent led to me to Thiel (loved their 2.2 and 3.5) and Dunlavy (SC IV). Still using the Sovereigns and Black Knights.
[url=http://www.hartleyloudspeakers.com/new_page_8.htm]hartley luth[/url]

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