What vintage speaker might you use today

Like to find out what "vintage speakers" members would/might use in their current audio set-up

Do you think what made them special was the synergy between them and the amp used, or just the fact they were well designed and performed way above their price tag.??
My Irs Betas which I currently use and will never part with. Also have a set of Irs Gammas which also have a permanent home.
The midrange of the Fulton Model J was the FMI 80, mentioned on it's own above by salectric.
I loved the ADS L-710s and 810s, the IMF speakers from that era were also very good as were the Spendors. And let's not forget the  KEF 105 Series, truly great sounding speakers that imaged better than ything else I heard.  Oh yeah for a small standmount, it was hard to beat the KEF 103.2


Find a pair of vintage JBL Century 100’s (circa early- mid seventies). These are hands down the winner in this post. IMO. Refurbished, these speakers will blow away most of these others mentioned, in terms of musicality, bass, liveliness, and engaging sound. Period!


Matt M                      P.S. a (ok) pair today sell for $1500+