What vintage speaker might you use today

Like to find out what "vintage speakers" members would/might use in their current audio set-up

Do you think what made them special was the synergy between them and the amp used, or just the fact they were well designed and performed way above their price tag.??
In addition to the ones mentioned, I'd add the Duntech Sovereigns, still a classic design, and the Snell Type A-III, given that you go to 1989. And going back, Klipschhorns should be in the mix.
In my current audio setup, though not strictly meeting the OP's definition of vintage, it would be fun to own a pair of Infinity IRS-Sigma's which were introduced in the mid-90's. That speaker would suit my room size & layout and give me the Magic the IRS speakers were known for. In a larger, dedicated room I'd love to own a good 2nd hand pair of IRS-Beta's or IRS-V's.
Frieds, especially, the final iterations prior to Bud retiring in the late 1990s compete exceptionally well with the loudspeakers of today.

Personally, I use the Quad ESL57. I have/had a lot of other speakers, but apart from the bottom octave, nothing sounds as much like music to me.
The vintage speakers I am using today are Altec 846B Valencias. They produce a sound and presence most other speakers can't match.

Besides them I have three sets of Meadowlarks.