What venues are best for selling used equipment?

I haven't sold much audio equipment, though I have sold a couple of items through Audiomart, and I have sold non-audio equipment through Ebay. I have recently joined Audiogon, and purchased a receiver by means of an Audiogon ad. Do any of you have enough experience with these or other venues, to compare the relative merits of each?
Out of all of the audio based websites, Audiogon typically has the most consistent results with the least amount of hassles. I've listed identical items on Audiogon, Audio Review, AudioShopper, AudioWeb, etc... at the same time and 90% of my inqiries and sales have been through Audiogon. That tells me that the results are WELL worth the very small fee that they charge to list items here. Sean
Sean makes a good point :^) The people are nice here too.
I've sold items on this site and (in the past) through the Audiomart publication, in all cases with no problems. This site will be faster. A lot of nice folks in both venues.
My experience has been like Sean's-- Audiogon is best. Cheers. Craig
Lots of traffic on AudioGon, so your ad will be viewed by a lot of folks with a real interest in quality audio. Unfortunately, be prepared for low-ball offers that make very little sense, there's a lot of tire-kickers and (my guess) resellers looking to buy low (from you) and sell high. I've been fortunate and found a few sites that are nearby and seem to be a little easier to fetch a fair price for your gear. No, I don't expect to fetch 10% off MSRP for used gear but certainly not ridiculous offers like you see here. I'd suggest posting your item for sale on several sites and waiting for the right buyer to come along, ignore the morons who price your gear like it's a power cord. I like buying from AudioGon, I wouldn't recommend selling here though.
My experience selling has been mixed, but generally the audiogon crowd is the best there is. I do have one concern, and that is abuse of the AGS. I've seen alot of clowns sell 7/10 pieces as 8/10 and 9/10, and I've been burned before when buying. The last time I sold a 7/10 (which would be an 8/10 for most posters, who are more liberal), I got to experience first-hand the undercurrent of low-ballers that run thick in this site, getting ridiculous offers and hard times from people while offering a sternly-graded item at very low price. Of note, the low-ball offers started absolutely raining in after the auction was a few days old. That sort of experience makes me value EVEN MORE the nice people I've met here. You just need to be selective and keep to your selling principles.
My experience is that Audiogon is best if you are trying to sell high-end gear. However, if you have mass market or lower-end equipment to sell, like a receiver, eBay is probably the best place to sell it.
Mwilson I fear you might be right on re: AGS. Recently I posted a sale for an item that was conservatively rated a 7. No responses. Mean while a friend purchased an item rated a 10. I'll be damned but the 10 was ever so marginally in better condition. In retrospect perhaps my item should have been an 8 and the 10 a 9, I just don't know. As much as there are guide lines, there seems to be different perspectives. Some interested in the quick sale and others in a long time reputation.
how do you sell equipment on Audiogon?
I sure hope the OP had sold it by now. 😄 Since that was of no help, I purchased most of my system here. 💯% Positive.
Audiogon is the best for buying and selling. .Ebay is not an Audiophile web site.Good luck.
I've bought here and Usaudiomart without problems. Listed and sold on Usaudiomart and Audio Circle never a problem everyone I've delt with has been super nice. Some like me prefer Mart and circle as there are no fees.