what used speakers to buy for 650?

I'm in the market for a used pair of speakers and have a budget of around $650. I just recently sold my Totem 1's, and the rest of my system consists of a Chiro C-200 amp, Sonic Frontiers SFL-1, and an Ultech UCD-100 cd player. I listen almost exclusively to acoustic jazz and have been seriously thinking of getting the Magnepan 10.1's. However, people are saying that I would need a subwoofer for this. So, that's it for the maggies. I would like to go back to "full" range speakers, or at least a floorstander. Any recommendations out there?????
You will need stands, but the original B&W CDM-1 are great. For floorstanders a pair of B&W P4 or P5
You should be able to get a pair of VAndersteen 2c/2ci for about that much. These speakers, IMO, never sound bad and can stand up to some pretty good electronics if you start upgrading. I listen to mostly acoustic music (jazz, folk, bluegrass, roots) and really like the sound of mine. With each upgrade (source, pre, amp) I have been able to clearly hear the differences.

I've recently fallen in love with Coincident Mini Triumphs MK IIs in one of my secondary systems and have to imagine the Triumph Signatures are that much better. Used price could be around $650.

Crossover components are high quality polypropylene, air coil inductance and the cabinet is a stone. Rock solid thunk when struck.I too listen to a great deal of acoustic jazz and the voicing is great with surprising bass.
Look around for some Meadowlark Kestrals. These spkrs to me are truly amazing. Well built,small footprint,easy to drive, and most of all musical. I too listen to acoustic jazz and these Kestrals do sing. The hotrodded verison might be a little more that your asking budget so opt for the stock version. Good listening!
Meadowlark Kestrels.