What used speakers raraely come up for sale

Lets keep it under $7,000 used, but interested to hear what used speakers rarely get listed for sale because they are so sought after and if they do appear they get snapped up very quickly?  Cheers
“Bache speakers is just coming to the market, if you NJ, NYC
and speakers lower, call me or audiodoctor.”

Yes shame on you,that’s not what this thread is about at all and Manufacturers and dealers should never post like this.

I will also tell you that I was interested in one of your top speakers and was going to inquire about them,not now consider me a lost customer forever.

Kenny you need to excuse Mr. Belman Bache he is kind of new to the Gon.

We heard his speakers at the NY audio show and we were quite impressed so at this point he is going to bring them to evaluate and see how they stack up to the Quads, Kefs, and Paradigms and Legacys.

He really does mean well so you might want to give his products another shot if they interest  you. 

He is but one of dozens of small passionate guys who make good speakers that may deserve a space in the market but are having difficulty connecting with possible buyers.

The sound at the NY show was quite special.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

Ps I do agree with you that this was an inapproriate thread to chime in on and his point that perhaps a new set of speakers at $7k might sound  better than an older used $15k one.

In that light he might not have induced such ire. 

Everyone loves a bargain  however this is a flawed thread. Because a speaker is rarely seen on the used market may mean that the speakers for whatever reason didnt sell.

So because brand x is rarely seen on the secondary market may mean very few were sold vs the conclusion everyone loved the product so much the owner never sold them.
I've long kept an eye out for Avalon Ascent Mk IIs. I think I've only seen these on A'gon a couple of times over the past 10+ years. At this point, probably need to consider the cost of recapping on top of purchase price.