What used speaker would you buy with $20,000-$35,000 and why?

I'm closer to the 20,000 part, but if I get stretched i would like to know higher recommendations. Remember, this is on the used market - not retail. I'm even interested if you think I should make a huge jump (say to 50,000), but I want to know what justifies that jump. I'd like the best bang for the buck and even the worse bang for the buck. Are there speaker lines that are totally overlooked that sound wonderful in this price range that I need to be exposed to? I may go higher, but lets start there.

PS Let's just assume the upstream equipment is adequate to drive any recommended speaker. We are not limited by upstream components.
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I agree with e b m. The Magnpans sound great too, but slightly more detailed, including bass (more articulate but less pronounced). They are very difficult to set up properly and will need to be placed five feet from your back wall.
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I'm in the same boat and have been browsing a little bit for the past few months to see what surfaces on the market. I am planning to attend a few shows later this year and pay particular attentions to speakers.

Currently some that have peaked my interests are:
Magico Q5 or S5;
YG Acoustics
Vienna Acoustics Klimmt the Music

Some are based on previous personal experiences at various shows, some are based on rave reviews from Asian Audio Magazine reviews.

I am currently using a pair of Verity Parsifal Encores. My music taste is all over the map. Although I primarily listen to Classic Jazz. My biggest desire is probably in the bass region, to be able to "feel the impact of that music" to the bones without sacrificing the details in the upper octaves. On paper, either Q5 and S5 seem to reach the deepest in that regard. But like others said, being able to listen to them in person is the best way to judge.


Wilson or ML Neolith's but there are so many to choose from.  I saw a new pair of Wilson Maxx 3's for sale around mid $30K in crates wt warranty...sold for $70K plus!  Now that's a deal and bass you can feel plus more flexibility in amplification you can use.
If it were me these are one of the few I would actually consider spending that much on if I could:


Maybe negotiate a deal for these if you have the room and gear otherwise to make it worthwhile.

If not used MBL 111e is a good compromise to fit the budget.