What used speaker would you buy with $20,000-$35,000 and why?

I'm closer to the 20,000 part, but if I get stretched i would like to know higher recommendations. Remember, this is on the used market - not retail. I'm even interested if you think I should make a huge jump (say to 50,000), but I want to know what justifies that jump. I'd like the best bang for the buck and even the worse bang for the buck. Are there speaker lines that are totally overlooked that sound wonderful in this price range that I need to be exposed to? I may go higher, but lets start there.

PS Let's just assume the upstream equipment is adequate to drive any recommended speaker. We are not limited by upstream components.
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That's a serious investment and critical one.  I agree with dougles_schroeder, if you can attend one of the audio shows and then make an decision. AXPONA 2016 right around the corner :-)

We can forward our recommendations based on our associated components and listening experience but what sounds good to my ears may or may not sound good to you.  

I settled on B&W 800D2 couple of years back.  To my ears, they are the best sounding speakers at 24K price point. You can get them on used market in 12K-16K range.  

Good luck!
"Hookers and Coke"

That sounds like a lot more fun then listening to a bunch of speakers and getting confused. To me you can listen to speakers until the cows come home. The really Important thing is how will they sound in you're home.

The "hookers and Coke" line was a reference to a recent Fox News attempt to play up the Lotto fantasy during a live interview.  You might want to "Google Fox News lotto interview hookers and Coke" if you get a second.   It's hilarious.
For the first time I think I'm going to attend some shows. I probably won't spend quite that much money (it is serious cash), but who knows. The reason I asked the question as I did is that the used market has a way of depreciating different brands at different rates (i.e. Wilson and B&W hold their value quite well, while others depreciate more rapidly). On the used market, Revel Ultima Salon 2's sell for what 802d's sell, but retail the Salons are 22 and the BW's are 15. There have got to be some crazy good price points for some speakers I don't know well on the used market.

As for vacation: Thanks, but I like sound more than traveling (some of that is health related).

Hookers and Coke: If we are going that route we should do LSD or shrooms and then my bookshelf speakers in my office would sound better than my floor standing beasts straight.