What USB DACs are available today and...

What USB DACs are available today and what large, Mac-compatible external hard drives are quiet and fast? I used to have the Wavelength Audio Cosecant, but sold it due to non-use. But I've been ripping more and more CDs lately and would like to consider another, less expensive USB audio set up. Thanks.
How about a Apogee Mini DAC, it is Mac compatible.
I second the suggestion of an Apogee Mini-Dac.
TwinDac Plus
many other cheaper alternatives like the bithead and computer mfg offerings....

You don't need a fast hard drive for music...I'm using an 80g Toshiba notebook drive per Gordon Rankin. It's not the cheapest route to go, but it's quiet ( I can't hear it at all) and it's not powered by AC.

Check Gordon's web site...he know's what he's doing an d offers plenty of free advice...it's working for me.
Any link to Gordon's web site handy?
Wavelength Audio
That's wavelengthaudio.com