What USB DAC or DDC can replace a Krell SACD Standard ?

Looking for a USB or FireWire DAC (DDC ?) that's similar in sonic character to my Krell SACD Standard. Since my Krell SACD has died (yet again) I'm just running an old Apogee Mini Dac 24/192 Firewire w/ my Mac Book Pro, Krell Showcase Pre, Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature Amp & Totem Forests. How do I get back to where I was with the Krell SACD (more or less) ? Do I pick up an Audiophilleo (Weiss INT ?) and utilize the TI PCM 1737 in the Krell Showcase Pre or would a Benchmark DAC3 be a significant improvement over this ? Perhaps both are simply bad ideas ?  Your insights are most welcome. With thanks.

I have no clue what your Krell sounds like, but the DAC3 or the Chord Qutest will sound identical to the recording. Not quite as transparent, but still excellent, the RME ADI-2 DAC also has EQ settings, so you can tune the sound to your liking.