What upgrade to my scoutmaster system next?

I currently have a SM with JMW9 (not signature),Sumiko Blackbird, playing into a Musical Fidelity A 308 integrated, that has, what I am told, a decent MC and MM phono stage. I am using JM labs 947 Be Signature speakers.

I have just bought an SDS on audiogon, and am awaiting its arrival. It already blows away CD and is about equal to SACD IMHO.

I am guessing a phono stage is next. What level of phono stages do I need to go to to best the Musical Fidelity one I'm using now. I read somewhere in a review of ti MF 308 that I'd need to spend $2K or more.

What are yor suggestions for upgrades, and specifically what phono stages do you suggest, if indeed that is the next obvious upgrade.

Does a Gingko Cloud 10 or 11 isolation platform make significant improvements if you already have a good rack? I use an Adona rack.
If you decide to buy the phono stage next, there is currently an ad here on A-gon for a Tom Evans "The Groove", a superb phono preamp, for $1400. If I were in the market, I'd already have bought it...
IMHO, the $700 (w/ tradein) upgrade to the JMW9 Signature was well worth the price of admission. The better imaging, better defined (and wider/deeper) soundstage, and tighter bass was a significant and obvious step up.

That's my 2 cents. YMMV.