What unbalanced ICs to amps...

I am looking to run unbalanced ICs from my Audio Research pre to my Rogue M120 amps. I have been using 16' balanced Cardas ICs with Cardas adapters to do the job. I have since moved my gear and no longer require such lengthy cables.
What suggestions might you have for a 2 metre or 6' pair of ICs given my amp/pre combo? (budget of 500.00)
Paul Speltz Anti-ICs at about $10 per foot.
Reality Cable, Greg Straley www.realitycable.com fabulous stuff for the money, blows away the compitition IMHO.
VH Audio Spectrum would be worth a listen. The Stealth Audio cables (M-7 perhaps) and TG Audio are also very good. There are certainly many viable options in that price range. I find the Cardas cables warmer/richer than strictly natural (Cross especially which is downright dark).
If you go the realitycables.com route from Gregg Straley then be sure to get the slightly more expensive option of OFC RCA connectors, still way below your budget. Even his "original" connectors are overachievers. His tube IC design should prove immensely satisfying, as it does for me.
I'll also put in my usual plug for best micro-priced IC which is from Joe Mazzaglia of Auricle Audio Design who even builds his own proprietary RCA connectors. Bringing amazing performance to even the most budget conscious, as well as those who can afford to pay more.
Obviously, there is a matter of personal preference when dealing with the high quality components you listed. What speakers are in the system you are asking about?
Thanks all, to the suggestions. My budget is flexible as well, I know from previous posters, budget helps provide a guide for reasonable ideas.
Listener57, my speakers are PMC (Professional Monitor Company), AB1 monitors. They are 2 way, and sound very good with tubes vs solid state.
Just read some of the reviews on your superb speakers, for background.
Reality cables IC should do just fine since the descriptions of its transmission line bass and high frequency detail seems to parallel my own speaker's performance with transmission line bass and ribbon tweeter.
Gregg has a twenty day trial period to remove the anxiety of getting stuck with something you don't really love. Plus, he is available by phone before and after the sale.
If you check the Clearsound/Reimer speaker ads here on Audiogon then you can see another high quality speaker manufacturer used the same IC and speaker cable to demo their wares.
Try Audioquest Cheetah ICs: very natural & mellow; no strident characteristics. I'm using them between a VTL 5.5 tube preamp & M/F XP200 mono block amps.