What type PC for new DAC

I just received a Musiland MD10 USB DAC. The IEC cable that came with the DAC is 18 gauge. Its connected to my PS Audio Duet. I want to upgrade the stock PC.

I know that some cable makers have PCs of 14 or 12 gauge that are advertised as being intended for preamps, low power amps and digital sources. I've seen a couple that are supposed to be designed specifically for digital components.

Should I go for a PC that is "designed" for digital or will any 14 or 12 gauge PC do? (I can't see using a 10 gauge for this application)

Does the connector make a difference for digital/DACs? Is Marinco okay or would Wattgate or Furutech make a difference?

Any advice would be appreciated.
For a degree of isolation & conditioning may I suggest at least an MIT Shotgun AC2. If you try it I think you'll be quite impressed.

PC's intended for 'digital' applications in my exp, are more softer sounding... higher capacitance type cables. Usually.

That might suit your needs or not. I think with a pretty good DAC I tend to see it as a source. In my philosophy I like the source to be asa revealing and detailed as possible without gaining etching, brittleness, hard edges, and losing the emotive aspect in the doing. Consequently, I usually add a pc which has as neutral a quality as possible... usually.

Depending on the goal or tastes, one might want to address something otherwise there.

I've not seen the actual wire guage as any decider when choosing a new wire for it. The sonic characteristics of it however, I do.

Whatever connector is added will add to the mix and protract the decision making some too. I've not gotten into which plug or receptacle sounds like what yet. Other's here can clue you in to those attributes more than I.

I'd just go straight ahead with a pc choice and later on consider differing terminations... so you know what each supplies to the sound of your rig. Who knows, you might wind up with some sort of mix in the terminations.
Thank you for your advice.

Due mostly to having received no benefits yet from Ecomonic Stimulus Package, I'm going with a 4' 14 gauge w/ Marincos
from Zebra Cable for $54 incl. shipping.