what type of sand to use?

if one plans on filling their stereo racks legs with sand,,,is there a type of sand to use?

do a search under "sand" and this will bring up some info as well as other suggestions.
I have used playground sand purchased in bags at Lowes. Be sure to let it thoroughly dry before filling. An alternative which I recently tried on a pair of speaker stands is kitty litter. The kitty litter was easier to use simply because it did not require drying. Please don't ask me which sounds better, I don't have golden ears.
Get what's labeled "White Play Sand". It's very fine and easy to work with.
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I thought the Tyler's were more resolving than the impression your constantly giving!!
TPReaves - What are the risks to the planet if you mix Alien Sand with Machina Dynamica Brilliant pebbles?
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My favorite thread -- it's the only one I can answer with genuine authority, haha. See my now aging response here:

What are the risks to the planet if you mix Alien Sand with Machina Dynamica Brilliant pebbles?

No,no,no.Do not mix them.That stuff is quacky.My Alien Sand is the real deal.Beware of false prophets.Stick with proven,real life acessories.Only 5 pounds left,act now.
Play sand mixed with small gauge lead shot should do the trick nicely. The differing density of the two materials mixed together deaden the sonic signature of the rack without emphasizing or de-emphasizing any part of the frequency band thus not allowing the stand to have a sonic signature of its own.
No one has talked about fine grain sand. Just go a janitorial supply place and buy a 50 LB bag of silicone sand (used in hotel lobby ash trays). Cheap, about $10-$15 a bag. I used it with Bright Star Audio Big Rocks when I had them. Good listening, Jeff
I bought a the suggested white sand for playground use. Then I went to the 12 o'clock mass and had the priest bless it when I went up to receive communion. My wife then left me when we got home, finally I was able to listen to music in peace. I hope she doesn't come back!
goldenear,let's try to keep religion out of the conversation and stick with tried and true facts,like my Alien Sand.Only 2 pounds left,get some while you still can.
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Silica sand it what you are looking for.

Should be fairly easy to find, as it's used for sand blasting (bone dry if stored properly and inexpensive).

Wear a breathing mask/cloth when pouring it as the dust is not something you want to inhail.

Perform the task outdoors.

Research silica sand for your application in order to judge the previous sandbox responses to your query.
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The best sand in the world resides on the beaches of Port St. Louis in the Maritius Islands... off the SE coast of Africa.

well... there and the Saychelles.

If money is tight though... Palma de Majorca will probably do almost as well... off the S coast of Spain.... and the night life is better.

take along some sealable freezer bags and SPF 40.
Black lava sand from Hawaii works well and goes with anything. I would caution however about using real lava despite its excellent sonic properties.
this thread should be posted in the next issue of stereophile.

Well my wife came back so now what do I do, should I bring the sand to couples therapy with us?
In my limited experience, sand and wives are not the ideal combination. Speaking of which, why did the oyster refuse to surrender her pearl??? ...because she was shellfish.