What type of record clamp should I buy?

I am thinking about purchaseing another record clamp for my Project Perspective turntable. Is there a weight limit for this particular table? Would 350grams be to heavy? What would you guys and gals recommend for a clamp? Thank you.
Another hardy perennial question, I think I answered this one yesterday. Oh well!
1. Consult the table manufacture for recommendations.
2. Is it a suspended table and if so what kind of suspension? If lightweight then light or no weight will be appropriate, if not then almost any will work.
3. There are MANY good ones, Bren is about $50, Harmonix $3000 and a lot in between.
4.TTWeights make many good ones in various weights, some plain weights and some clamps.
5. I have used both plain weights and clamps, often find no difference. VPI uses both on its tables
6. Get 4 audiophiles together and you will get a minimum of 4 opinions on this question.
It is a Project Perspective suspension table similar to the Oracle Delphi design,this table is often refered to as the poor mans Oracle. Thank you.