What type of power cable for Krell, confused

This may be a simple question but I have several Krell amplifiers that were left to me from an estate. I have no power cable for them and have looked to see a connection that I am not familiar with. Typically I am used to seeing the 3 prongs that slide into the power cable positioned vertically, on the back of the Krell amplifiers I have, the 3 prongs are all positioned horozontially? What type of power connection is this?

20 Amp connector is required on the power cable.
20 amp. Any mfgr will make them for you.
While most power cord companies will make you 20 amp female IEC, Krells are typically monster amps and require proper power cords. I recommend Tek Line micro Reference Extreme. I am using them on my amps.

He advertises here.
N, Are you making these complete for resale or keeping them? The cord Krell includes can be duplicated on the cheap.
Contact Krell for stock replacements.