What type of copper is best for power cable?

I am planning to make a few power cord for myself to see if it will make any difference to the sound. Connectors will come from Marinco, but as for wire, I am not sure I should be using solid copper or stranded copper.
It seems like all my apartment internal wiring is using solid copper.
Any suggestion will be helpful.
Can you still get Marinco connectors? I thought Wattgate bought the exclusive rights to Marinco- I could be mistaken, just what I've heard.
Place to ask this question, or look up the posts already made on this topic is Audioasylum.com go to the cable asylum and the cable gods will tell you all... Mostly special Belden wires...
I haven't tried buying Marinco connectors yet. There is a local representative I can call on Monday. Will see then.
The odd things is I've been going all over town to find a decent female plug but can't seem to find any store that carry them. The only thing they have is the male plugs.
If you are looking for IEC connectors, you probably won't find them anywhere locally unless you get lucky. Pretty much a mail order item for decent quality plugs.

Solid copper is ALWAYS superior to stranded copper in every way other than in flexibility and sheer physical strength. Once the solid conductor becomes damaged due to stress or fatigue, the multi-conductor stranded design may have a few advantages. Sean
You will have a very difficult time finding female re-wireable IEC connectors. Most of the mainstream manufacturers such as HUBBELL, Pass & Seymore etc, do not manufacture them. Several are available though. They are manufactured by Schurter, Marinco/Wattgate, Furotech and also NEOTECH. The least expensive of these is the Schurter, however it does not lend itselt to large gauge cables, so most manufacturers use the much more pricy
Marinco/Wattgate. in order to simplify assembly.I supply some of these connectors to a number of manufacturers
in the industry. If any audiogon members have questions about IEC or need a source for these and other connectors thay can contact me directly via e-mail at audioparts@bellsouth.net. Hope the information helps.

I recently looked into this issue and determined that solid copper is the way to go by asking questions to a local cabel manufacturer
Solid core copper, 11 ga or lower, teflon insulated & cryogenically treated.
JenaLabs.com sells many AC parts including Marinco and Hubbell IEC connectors, outlets, plugs, etc., all of which are cryogenically treated.

As to the solid core verses stranded, I prefer solid core for most apps, but as with most everything else in audio, you should encounter equally committed enthusiasts on both sides of this issue.

I know that Virtual Dynamics carries solid core 10, 12, and 14 gauge cryo treated house wiring at reasonable prices.

Last week, I installed just one Jena Labs 20amp cryo-treated Hubbell IEC connector on my passive in-line conditioner to my amplifier. After a 48 hour burn-in, the improvements were far greater than I anticipated. In fact, I've already submitted an order for more cryo-treated IECs, plugs, and outlets.