what type of cartridge/ stylus should i buy

I have a Dual 721 direct drive (I bought new in 1979)that I just had refurbished and thinking I need to replace my Shure V15 type3 with a new cartridge. I don't want to over spend because I don't have a super high end system but here's what I have, my receiver is a Mcintosh MHT200 and I'm using a Bellari VP130 phono stage with KEF XQ surround speakers with a 12" Sunfire sub. I'm just getting back into vinyl so any suggestions would be appreciated....thanks
Shure m97xe vintage sounding cartridge for vintage sounding table. It should work well with your arm and it actually sounds nice. Oh, and it can be had for less than $75.
I would replace the stylus assembly; that is one heck of a fine cartridge!
Get a Jico SAS stylus for the V-15.
Jico makes a common bonded elliptical replacement stylus for the type 3 which is available for around $12.00 on ebay. It is referred to as the EVG stylus replacement for the Shure V15 type lll. Needledaddy is a good vendor as is needle lady. Avoid the Phansteil replacement stylus as it is not very good and QC does not seem consistant.

If you are looking for new, the Audio Technica AT95E is marvelous, a good match to the tonearm and costs $40.00 to $50.00.

Good luck with the hunt.
Thanks for the input,i'll check that out.also does anyone know where I can get a replacement dust cover for this turntable?..thanks
viridian, whats the difference between the evg stylus replacement as opposed to the jico sas stylus? it sells anywhere from $160.00-$180
The EVG is a bonded elliptical stylus on an aluminum cantilever. The SAS
is a bonded radical cut stylus on a hybrid boron/aluminum cantilever. You
pay your money and take your choice.