What Type Brand of ST Glass Digital Cable?

Having corresponded with many fellow Audiogoners regarding the best digital cable approach for Transport to DAC connections, I'm interested in looking into "ST Glass" optical cables (I am currently using top of the line quality XLR digital cables).

Knowing virtually nothing about the ST Glass optical cables, can anyone tell me which brands of these cables have worked well? Is this cable technology subject to the same variances, controversies, and sonic differences that traditional wire based audio cables are? Or, does the optical nature of these cables eliminate many of the variables that affect sonics (Accept the differences in connector quality)?

Finally, I rarely see these cables advertised. Are there simply not many being used or is there a down side that I'm not aware of?

Thanks in adance.
The glass cable was developed by AT&T for telecommunications, it transmits the signal down glass fibers and has a locking bayonet connector. I have found it to be an excellent cable in my system. I have a coaxial(RCA), TosLink, AES/EBU and glass connections from my transport and use the glass. I have a PS Audio glass cable.Many of the current transports and cd players don't have an AT&T ouput so it is harder find one on the used market, but when you do they are usually cheaper than the other digital cable. Since they are not that expensive(usually found used for 100.00 or less) you can try one in your system and compare.Good luck.
I use a Siecor glass ST patch cord. Just as good as any and only $20 from JCH wire and cable.
I have tried several of the cheap variety, but an Audioquest Optilink Pro 2 made mince-meat of them (the Pro 1 is not bad either). Even though the fibre diameters were the same the Audioquest had a far more natural presentation - the standard Siecor etc sounding slightly hard and brittle.
Siecor really makes some excellent ST spec conductors, no need to spend more... there are very few companies manufacturing their own optical conductors compaired with electric (not one of them plays in hifi). Optical data transmission similar to electric? Not even a little. However, conductor size, length, termination, interface I/O all influance signal fidelity. Again, give the Siecor a go and dont forget about your AES3 (AES/EBU) option.

Sean Casey