What two components together would sound the best from this list:

Hi folks, 
From the gear below, what would you pair together to sound the best? As a reference, my speakers are vandersteen 2c, and I listen to rock, pop, some metal, some classical. The only cdp that would work with the Aragon is the Miles, as it has analog volume control. 

Theta Miles
Arcam CD192
Creek CD53

Aragon 2004
Creek Classic 5350SE
Creek Destiny

Also add these components:

Audio Refinement Complete Integrated 
Audio Refinement CD player

From your previous posts I assume that you are seeking a more exciting sound (jump factor), but with a 3D presentation as well.

If this is the case then I would eliminate:

-Audio Refinement - CD player
-Audio Refinement amp (combined with the AR amp = super boring)
-Theta Miles CD player (flat or possibly scooped midrange)
-Creek 5350SE (really nice/detailed 3D sound, but not a jumper)

Not knocking any of the above @ all (except for the AR “combo”) as having listened to them (all except the 5350 in my home) I can imagine still using/enjoying any of them in the right setup.

I almost purchased the Miles (many years ago) and I did own the AR CD (listened to it with the AR amp in my home as well).

The problem I see with this older gear is that it will most likely require refurbishing (electrolytics mainly) which adds greatly to the cost unless you DIY.

The only “fun” integrated amp I’ve read about recently is the PS Audio Sprout (maybe still $500/direct).

It’s Class D (yuck) and it uses a bit a mid-bass boost for jump factor but still the reviewers (including Stereophile) seems to really like it for it’s exciting/musical take.

My only problem is that I would have to purchase new cables for my CD player (phono inputs are standard RCA).

If your listening room is on the medium/small side It might work with your Vandies.

I’ve been considering it for my main system, but would then replace my single driver speakers with a more traditional stand mounted monitor (would use the little Polk’s currently with the mini system in the interim).

Also, what exactly is your current system/room size and what extra gear is @  hand?
Theta Miles - that's an old one.

Find a CEC and it will make beautiful music to your ears!

Happy Listening.