What Turntable should I get?

I am planning to purchase a turntable but don't know which one should get.
. VPI Classic 1 + Grado Sonata, or VPI Scout + (????)
My system:
Preamp: Cary Audio 98LP
Mono Blocks: Cary Audio 805
Speakers: B&W 804N
Please post your advises,
Thank you very much.
Would you ask a total stranger to name your child?
Do yourself a favor and buy something serious, BASIS 2000 for example
What's your budget? Also, I believe the Cary's phono stage is set up for MM carts, so aim in that direction or budget for a step-up transformer as well. I like both tables.
How many LPs do you own? Have you done vinyl before? Are you compulsive about set up and maintenance? What aspects of reproduction are important to you? Tables and cartridges are like women, they all have their own synergies. Some may not set well with you.

The answers will determine our choices.
Denon 47F, take it slow, easy and cheap, then move up after the vinyl experience becomes real.
I bought a used VPI Scoutmaster on the Gon and couldn't be happier. Had it for over a year now.