What turntable next?

After getting back into vinyl a year ago and totally enjoying it I am looking to upgrade my current turntable. I bought a restored vintage Thorens 125 Mk2 with a brand new SME M2-9 arm and Rondo Ortofon MC cartridge. I know the Thorens is a very good setup but since I haven't listened to a lot of TT's I am looking for a significant step up in sound. I would be open to belt, idler and direct drives. New or used is fine. Budget $5000 - $10,000 (includes table & arm)
I am a huge fan of my Townshend Rock 7, which I have paired with a Moerch DP-8 arm. Great stuff. Robert Greene's reviews capture the sound of these nicely.
I would buy a used Basis 2200 with Vector arm or a SME 10 or 20 with SME 5 arm in that price range. Any of those choices would be a big step up, with the Basis or SME 20 being very significant. Be sure to budget enough for a phono preamp suitable for these turntables. I assume you already have something high quality, but it is not mentioned I your post.

The SME will easily play at 78. Not sure about the Basis. It may require a different pulley.
You might want to look at the Origin Live tables and arms.
Try Peter at PBN Audio they make quality turntables and you can select the arm of your choice. Best of Luck