What turntable for $1500 ?

After relentless negotiating with my wife, I've got the compromised approval to drop $1500 on a new turntable/tonearm/cartridge!! I've had a Bang and Olufsen TX linear tracking table since 1985 and that cost $500 new. The rest of my system is : Adcom amp (60 WPC), Adcom preamp, and Klipsch Heresy speakers. I plan on upgrading the amp/preamp with Cary tubed gear - most likely the Rocket 88 amp / SLP 88 preamp. With my somewhat limited bugdet, I'm open to buying a used TT that's relatively new. I'd also like any advice on tonearms and cartridges that are compatible in this price point. Should I get a MC or MM cartridge? Also, I listen to a wide variety of music, mostly the latest "jam band" genre, but have become increasingly intrigued by jazz and classical. Thanks in advance for your thoughtful recommendations.
The question is: Are you budgeting $1500 for just the turntable or turntable + tonearm + cartridge?

I am budgeting $1500 for the TT/tone arm/cartridge. I would like to keep the phono preamp at $600 or less. Also, I'll get a record cleaner for $400 or less. So all total, I hope to be back into vinyl for roughly $2,500.
Basis 1400 + RB300 Tonearm + a decent cartridge depending on what phono preamp you end up with.

Rega P-25 with RB600 arm, and a Dynavector 17D Karat MC cart. If you have some luck shopping, you can pick-up this combo for $1,500.00. The down side is, you will have to be carefull in selecting a phono pre, due to the low output of the cart.
I thought most Adcom preamps of that era included a pretty good phono stage. Assuming yours does not, the EAR 834P phono stage will provide some tube warmth and naturalness to your solid state system and is compatible with low output cartridges. I would recommend the Sota Comet TT, which has a decent arm and can be bought for around $500. The EAR 834P can be bought for around $650. That leaves you just enough to purchase a class B cartridge. You might consider the Grado Sonata.
You are going to love the journey through classical and jazz. If you e-mail me I will try to help you with some suggestions.
buy a used lp-12 linn...and thats it....you can get one for 1300 with ittok arm and maybe even a cartridge for now..when you get a phono stage then upgrade your cartridge...i would suggest a dynevector..all of them are great..the more you spend the better everything becomes...and you can always sell a used dynavector..and a lp-12 table...always in demand.
I purchased a p-25 and was using a HO glider, pluged into a Mcintosh c-42 mm phono section. I thought it sounded great I thought I would add a phono stage. Found a used BAT vkp-5 at a great price then I realized how BAD it was before the phono stage was added. My suggestion to would be to rethink your total allowance you have allowed and figure a little better phono stage.
I would tell you to buy used accept for the cartidge.
Brands I would consider are Sota, Well Tempered,Vpi,and
Basis. I,ve heard them all and each has very good sound.As far as cartriges I would look at Benx Micro and Clear Audio.
Both have a wide price range in cartriges. Tonearms Find
an older Emminent Technology, or older Mod Squad Triplaner.
The easiest would be the Well Tempered with their arm already mounted. Don't even look at a Bang & Olfsen they
are trash and sound terrible. Also stay away from Linn.
They sound good but need constant tweeking. If you can afford a little more for a turntable I would go with a Goldmond St-4 It comes with a high quality Linear tracking arm. Good Luck