What turntable for 1000

I finaly decided to buy a turntable. My budget is around $1000 that includes tonearm and cartrige. Any suggestions? Also, what interconnect should I get to use with Phono preamp. Thanks a lot.

My system: Mccormack DNA-125, RLD-1, Joseph Audio RM-25si, Arcam cd-72t, ART DI/O Moded, Cardas cabling.
Music Hall MMF-7.
Sota Saphire(used)/Dynavector 10x4 or Clearaudio aurum beta
VPI HW19Jr(used)/RB300/Sumiko BPS or Dynavector 10x4.
Depending on how soon you want to make the purchase, you might wait to find a used VPI Scout with JMW 9 arm. This is a new model that VPI recently introduced for $1500 for the turntable and arm combo, so it should sell $1000 or less on the used market. The other VPI option is the HW-19 Mk III (used) or the HW-19 Junior. Both of these HW-19 models offer an upgrade route to the HW-19 Mk4, which is an excellent turntable. If the used turntable does not include a tonearm, then the Rega RB300 or RB600 would be a fine combo.

The obvious other choices include the Rega models in your price bracket, the Music Hall MMF-7 or MMF-5, and the Pro-Ject turntables (the same factory in Czechoslovakia makes the Music Hall and Pro-Ject tt's).
Ilusha- A couple of questions- Are you looking for new or used? Many don't mind a used table, but alot of folks prefer a new cartridge. To what kind of music do you primarily listen? Are you restricted to a high or low output cartridge?

I would prefer new, but i would go for a used one if the price was right. I listen to a lot of classical music (mostly symphonic), some heavy metal and some jazz.
All the suggestions made so far are good ones. As one from the "prefer used" camp, I can heartily recommend a used Technics SP-10 MK II for which you'd then have to build a base and supply an arm and cartridge. That's what I've done. For these I'd recommend the Origin Live OEM Rega RB250 with structural mods and either the Clearaudio Aurum Beta or the Reson Reca. If you can find a full SL-1000 MKII, then you only need to get a cartridge. Any of these combos should be under a grand. Good luck and happy listening! Joel.
Well Tempered record player, newer the better, used at $500-$750, Koetsu Black lo hours from good seller $250 used. Get a used stand and use vibrapod/MDF sandwich as top shelf.
Lots of threads on this subject. Search. Re: Technics SP10; the chipsets are no longer made by Technics--once the chipset dies, you end up with a very expensive frisbee (unfortunately).
I can heartily recommend a VPI MK 17 JR. You can get this TT with a Rega or Audioquest arm and a good cartridge for $1000 or less, new. My own experience with this TT is very positive. I've had one for 10 yrs with not one problem. It even has the original belt. It is a suspensionless design using sorbothane instead of springs. You could check with VPI to be sure your type of flooring will support this. I have a solid foundation and mine works great.
Sota with an ET-2 arm and a Micro Benz Glider. Mount it on
a Mapleshade base with brass conepoints and watch it smash
the competition up to 10x the cost.
I'll second Asa's recommendation on the Well-Tempered, although there are many fine tables out there that could be had in you price range. There is one fundamental difference that you will need to consider- suspended or unsuspended. Personally, I prefer unsuspended- less adjustment and maintenance, crisper/detailed sound. On the negative side, unsuspended tends to be more sensitive to placement and needs a little more isolation. (My house is built on a cement slab, so that is not a big issue for me.)

FYI: There is a VPI HW-19 Jr. for sale right now here on Audiogon. It has an extensively modified Rega RB300 arm (I am familiar with all of the mods, and they make the RB300 a significantly better arm), and a cartridge. The asking price is $1000.
Find a REGA 25 used on this site. At around $900.00 it can't be touched. That is, if music is your game and not just another Hi-fi sounding kit. Just my $.02