What tunes to "spin" while spinning?

Our instructor lets us bring CD's we make, but I've worn out the old music from college (late 80's, early 90's). Does anybody have any music that they really like to exercise to?
Fatboy Slim Live at the Big Beat Boutique
Dont know if its the exact title but its his first mix cd.
Starts off funky and fun and ends fast and slamming.
D'you want to sing or play?
I usually like Astor Piazzolla's "Original Tangos From Argentina" to practice Accordion and
Ry Cooder "Jazz" to practice guitar.
How about "Richard Simmons" Sweatin' to the Oldies. Or Jane Fonda's Workout Record. :^)
Great non-stop, multi-track mixes:

Chemical Brothers - "Brothers Gonna Work It Out: A DJ Mix Album" - Astralwerks, 1998

DJ Jim Hopkins - "San Francisco Grooves" - VWax Inc., 1997


Great multi-artist compilations:

"big dirty BEATS" - Moonshine Music, 1998

"Black Flys presents Club Flys" - Moonshine Music, 1997

"Big Rock'n Beats" - Wax Trax! Records, 1997

"The Sound of Revolution" - The Critical Massive, 1998
Thank you Creeper. I'll give them a spin.
Depends upon your preferred genre. Here's a sampling of lesser known artists I enjoy on the treadmill:

Techno / trance - "Movement in Still Life", BT
Funky R&B - "The Way I Feel", Remy Shand
Hop / Rock - "High Definition", Shootyz Groove
Progressive instrumental - "Liquid Tension Experiment, Vol 1", Liquid Tension Experiment
Pop - "Aces and Kings, Best of", Go West
Majestic progressive - "SMPTe", Transatlantic
Mostly instrumental jazz (non-quiet storm) - "Cafe", Trio Da Paz

Also, if you have any classical leanings:

Classical, Baroque - "Brandenburg Concerto #5", J.S. Bach, Lucerne Festival Strings
Classical, Orchestral - "Symphony 9 - Choral", L.V. Beethoven
Piano, Solo - "Mephisto Waltz", F. Liszt
Piano, Concerto - "Piano Concerto #3", S. Rachmaninoff

If not for spinning, perhaps some suggestions you might enjoy.