What tubes for a EAR p834

I have a EAR P834 with hovland cap upgrade. It has the stock tube (JAN 12ax7, I think). I have heard the the Telefunkens sound amazing in the Ear, but the cost for retubing would be more than I want to spend. Does anyone have any sugestions on curently produced tubes that could get me great sound? Or should I just save until I am ready to get the Teles? Thanks!
As far as the phono section of the EAR full preamp, Absolute Sound's second take on it, in the latest issue, recommended strongly the use of the Mazda, a french tube that is in current production. I know I will be getting them tomorow as most french export products ends up here in Montreal. Bonne chance !
P.S. I will post my experience with them in the following week.
I recently purchased some fabulous NOS RCAs -- early 60s vintage from Andy at Vintage Tube Services. I must say that these tubes had an immediate positive impact on the sound. Less noise, more detail, greater dynamics. Overall, I'm very impressed. Much better than I thought.

These RCAs were not cheap though. I'm not sure what your budget is, but the RCAs were cheaper than NOS Teles and Mullards, and possibly NOS Mazdas. Highly recommended.
Sorry C Wise- but I realise that the Mazda are not currently produced but NOS type.
NOS teslas (12ax7) are currently in mine. I have used Electro-Harmonix and the Sovtek LPS as well as the stock tubes. The LPS may be one for you to try. They're only about $12 each. Though not as quiet as a NOS they do sound pretty good.
Just replaced the EI yugo set in mine with Tesla ECC803S gold-pin. To say this action brought a night and day difference would be an understatement! A most definite recommendation.
The Telefunkens would be fantastic, and better yet, they probably would last a lifetime. You could retube 5 times, as opposed to once with the Tele's, which would make the tele's a much better value, and they do sound great. You should be able to source some for $70-$100 pr NOS.