What tubes does CAT SL 1 MKii sig use?

I am buying a used SL 1 MKii sig preamp. The seller said the tubes are about 2 years old. Does anyone know what tubes I need for the CAT? Also some suggestions on what brand of tubes work well.
This is the linestage version,no phono stage.
The CAT SL-1 Signature Mark II, when delivered as a linestage, used 2 12AU7's (ECC82,E82CC, E182CC etc.), 2 12AX7's (ECC83, E83CC, ECC803 etc.) and 1 6DJ8/6922/7308 (ECC88, E88CC, E188CC etc.) or 5 tubes in all.
Thanks Rayhall.
Can you tell me what tubes are in a SL1 Reference Preamplifier? It has the phono stage and I think that might be 4x 6922 tubes.

You're welcome, Pal. Carl, all CAT's, including the Signature Mark II and prior had the same tube complement as what I listed under the response to Pal's question. If there was a phono stage there would be 10 tubes insteand of 5. Unlike the line section, the phono section had 3 6DJ8/6922/7308's and 2 12AX7's. All CAT's with phono section have 10 tubes. All CAT's with line section only have 5 tubes.