What tubes are you using in your Jolida JD 100?

I'd be very interested in the tubes JD 100 owners have tried and what improvements, if any, have been realized by the new tubes? Also, what have you experienced in regards to improvements in audio quality after a burn in period. Regards
Have owned my Jolida for almost 3 years. Did not like the stock tubes and decided to try the 5751's and never looked back. Am currently using the Raytheon 5751 w/windmill getter. Have also tried the RCA 3 mica's and the Ge 3 mica's. I like the RCA's and the Raytheon the best. Smooths out the sound as compared to the stock tubes. Some folks have tried the Sylvania 3 mica 5751 with good results. Although I didn't like them in my system, you may also want to give them a try.

Hope this helps.
RCA NOS tubes. I did not like the original Svetlanas that were part of the mod package. Also did not like the Sovtecs I tried. I've stuck the RCA's for almost a year. They added a crispness and detail that was missing and a little better bass. Good luck
Thanks to you both. I was hopeing to get a good list of tubes that Jolida owners have used. Successfullly and unsuccessfully. My player, that I've had almost a week, came with Electro-Harmonix Gold. Having no other reference I'm naturally curious about about the audio effects of different tubes. I'm using a PS Audio GCC 100 control Amp and Thiel CS 1.6 speakers. I consider the GCC and the Thiels to be somewhat analytical, very detailed and true to the source. I figured the Jolida would be a good match. I wanted to soften the high end just a bit while maintaining the detail. So far I'm very happy with the combination. My GCC has converted me to the real benefits of burn in time. When I first got it I found it overly bright, but 3 weeks of almost continuous play has turned it into a wonderfully smooth and liquid amp.
Like wise, I've been playing the jolida since I got it and just yesterday it really started to sound great. Regards
I'll second Jhorowitz128's post. I tried the same path he did & ended up in the same place, raytheon 5751's.

You might do a search...someone a while back mentioned a pair of cryo'd tubes that were "the best ever" and the cost was reasonable. I picked up a pair, then I moved...and I still haven't run across them as I unpack. I have them...but where? moving...ugh!
I'll throw in a third on the 5751s in this player. I settled on 1956 rva triple mica black plates in my system. I really liked the sound of all the 5751s I tried over the 12ax7s. Although I tried some telefunken smooth plate 12ax7s and those sounded pretty good but they ended up working out much better in the preamp in my system also a Jolida.
Ei gold, JJ Tesla and TungSol all work very well, currently running the TungSols for the last three months and am very happy. I don't believe in NOS as I have tried these, spent too much money and there is no difference. That's snake oil as far as I'm concerned. The tubes made these days are much, much better than those of years past.
groove tube GT12ax7m This is a reissue of the Mullard 12ax7/ecc83.At 50$ for a matched pair you can't go wrong.
Tubes I've rolled in the JD-100:

Sylvania JHS Gold Label 5751WAs (I finally settled on using these, very palpable 3D sound, wonderfully detailed, etc. - great but pricey tubes); the stock Jolida 12AX7s (ech!); Sovtek 12AX7LPS (not a good fit for the JD-100)); GE JAN 5751 blackplates (ok, liked them better than the Sovteks); two pair of GE JG 5751 triple mica blackplates (very good tubes, could have stayed with these had I not tried the Sylvania tubes); Fisher-branded Telefunken and Amperex 12AX7s (not a good match with this unit, sd nonr of the 12XA7s seem to bring out the detail in a realistic fashion, the Sylvania just crushes in this regard.).

FYI - I also upgraded the PC to a cryoed VH Audio Flavor 1, which bolsters the bottom end of the JD-100. Furthermore, I use Walker SST on the tube pins-RCA connectors-IEC-PC, which enhanced the amount of detail provided by the unit. Also use Herbie's Hal-O 9 tube dampers. Unit rests on a 22 lb. granite slab supported by Vibrapods. Also has a 12 lb. piece of marble on the top resting on coasters.

I don't have one but I have a caryin and use supplied tues that came with it....