What tubes are you using;CJ Prem.5

Picked up a pair of these. I got 2 sets of tubes. One set is the Svetlanas. The other is Siemens / both el34 Highs much better w/ Siemins; Svets/better mid to low bass also more dynamic. One tube do both?
i'am using the svetlanas,my CJ PREM5's are in triode mode,i had my amps modified by bill thallsman,BILL retired from CJ
last year,he held the position of technical director and designed most of their tube gear up to 1999.bill also changed the pwr cord and hardwired them with tiffany tpc50,
the speaker terminal strips were removed and replaced with cardas 5 way binding post + the input rca's were also replaced with cardas rca's,the major changes were performed inside,internal critical wiring was replaced and some other
technical changes were done.the amp's sound incredible.
Fonsy,How much $$, how much turnaround time?? I figure 400 in shipping each way,from CA.,so I may have someone local do the IEC thing, for starters.Most important; what brand of tubes? Do you agree with my assesment on the tubes I have? Thanks for taking the time to respond.
Let's start with the tubes.when i first purchased my 5's,I used tesla el34's did not care for them,bass was muddy and the tubes are very unreliable,called conrad johnson and they put me in touch with BILL THALEMAN,the electrical designer of these amp's,after the modification's bill recommended the svetlanas el34's,the mids are very warm,the treble to die for extremly liquid and absent of any grain,the bass is very musical a great improvement over the tesla's.cost of mod's will run about $500 a pair,i supplied the pwr cords.
turnaround time can run 3 to 4 week's.my amp's were in a a/b comparisons with the CJ8a's which retail for over $15000
tha 8a's were a little better in the bass department that's about it.
avguygeorge,here's bill thaleman tel.# 703-764-7005,he's shop is located in springfield Viginia.i should mention that before purchasing my CJ5's i own audio research vt200,sonic frontier power 3's,CJ 12's and 11a.all the above are fine amp's,but the 5's are magical in triode mode.if your pair is in excellent to mint condition i would serioulsy consider the mod's.any question's give bill a call,he's a true music lover and a gentleman to talk to. good luck.let me known what you decide to do.
Thanks indeed Fonsy. Mine must be in great shape. I can't believe how it walks over my newly re tubed Def.7 Mid to top end just as you describe. Sure sounds like the 500 mod is money well spent.We also agree on the sound of these two tubes. In the unmodified state the Siemens more of the top end /female vocal /piano/magic.Thanks again.
Avguygeorge: Just to let you know that I have known Fonsy66 for a couple of years now. Believe me when I tell you, this guy knows his stuff. He has had more equipment in his house than you could imagine. None of what he tells you is at all an exaggeration. I'm sure you will be pleased with these recommended modifications & find them well worth the money.
Hi Fonsy & Sager,I talked to Bill yesterday. Nice accommodating guy indeed. Gotta get some boxes;and off they will go.He will return them in some new factory boxes. We are going to do the rcas,binding posts,install iecs,the wiring and mu follower.Can't wait.Don't tell him but the price is unbelievable. And yes on the Svetlanas.Thanks for your input and help guys.What a place to belong to!!!!The funny thing is I love this amp already. I'll probably be quite hard to live with after.
Avguygeorge: Your quite welcome, but Fonsy deserves all of the thanks. Wait until you get these things back. Then you will be really thanking him. If love the CJ 5's now, I'm sure your going to be in awe when you hear it with the mods. I don't want to mis lead you. I have not heard Fonsy's amps, but I've known him for a while now & he & I have very simular sonic taste. If he says it's incredible,it is. He tells it like it is. We both feel that just because a component cost a lot, that doesn't nessasarily make it sound great. I can't wait to hear your reaction when you receive these amps back with the mods. Most of all, enjoy....sagger
I also have a set of these (on loan but I may buy them soon if the price works out ok). I retubed them with Svets - good call on those, I think they are the best. also tried some JJ/Tesla E34Ls, which were nice but the Svets were better, smoother. I also did the small signal tubes, those made a nice difference. Went with RCA Clear-top 6FQ7/6cg7s (NOS, 1960s) and for the 5751 used a 1963 NOS Raytheon. Have heard good things about the Sylvania Gold Brand 5751 but those are hard to come by.

I believe Parts Connection(?) also has an upgrade kit for these amps for about $120, (http://www.partsconnection.on.ca/public_html/tpc/pkulist.html) which replaces some components. after reading this stuff I may (if I buy these) end up sending them to Bill T. to have him do the mods mentioned above as well. (sounds like they are worth it). Would be nice to have IEC power cord capability.

thanks and let us know your results.
-Ed Sawyer
sorry, that URL above is wrong, they redid their site... (Parts connection). will repost the new URL if I can find it.
Hi there Ed,welcome to the party.Out of curiosity,what amps have you had recently? My take/in stock form/ this is the best mid & treble I have ever owned.( much better than my Jadis7 mk4. however, bass is way better with Jadis)
Thanks! I've had a few. Currently in my 2-channel system I have the CJ Prem. 5's, a 47 Lab gaincard, and a Classe CA-200. Also have HK Citation 24 (SS), Dynaco Stereo 80 (SS), Rotel RMB 985-Mk2 (SS). these are my first venture with tubes in amps. THey are quite liquid and smooth, I can only wonder how much better they can get with some Bill T. mods.. (?). I haven't heard any Jadis however... but that seems to be pretty highly regarded by some.